Xbox Live Support Epic Fail: Part 4

Gameplayer has been testing out the response time and customer service of Microsoft Live's Support service and have been documenting their experience over four articles, three of which have aleady appeared on this site. The fourth - and final chapter- just went live today.

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SlappingOysters3748d ago

Part 4 is finally up. What an epic story. You got to feel for this guy. You have to wonder whether it is something random that just happened to occur to a games journalist (bad luck their MS) or whether it is an endemic issue that many poor users are stuck with.

Personally my RRODs have been sorted out reasonably quickly and Live has been fine - but then again, I would have been happier had they never died.

P.S Funny writer!

SlappingOysters3748d ago

had a broken PS3 or Wii?

Not trying to start a flame war, it is just that I have not had any problems with mine and I am curious as to what the turnaround time with those is like.

milz3747d ago

Glad that all sorted itself out! Well written and it has some nice humor scattered throughout it.

@SlappingOysters: Never. :o