Raven’s terrifying responsibility of remaking COD Modern Warfare

Raven Software's David Pellas talks about the development of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered and some of its challenges

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Gwiz801d ago

I will give you a $ if you sell it separately.Just a symbolic token lol

Bahamut801d ago

They could be selling this remake for 30 - 40 bucks. People would whine that the price is too high, but would still buy it. This way of making us buy the garbage game to get the good one is just gross, and I won't take part. If they never release it separately, then oh well, it's a good thing I've already played it.


Why most i paid 80.00 for black ops warfare 4 when all i want to play is mw

SuperbVillain801d ago

just buy IW get the MW1 download code, and throw Blops 3.5 on craigslist for 30-35 bucks

saywat247801d ago

i will say this as much as possible hoping they see it but please can they make the hud more simple without all the colors it messes up the whole color scheme of the game and take those ugly badges off this is not cod 4. gameplay wise it is but visually i dont want an advanced warfare looking hud and badges. we want cod 4 not cod 4 advanced warfare edition.

i played cod 4 like crazy back in 2007 and more so there is heavy nostagia there and little stuff like that really takes away from that. it's the little details man that mean the difference.

opinionated800d ago

Luckily for them, it's practically perfect as it is. The stuff that pissed me off back then like juggernaut, martyrdom and the m16 are small time compared to the stuff that pisses me off in the more recent cods. The maps are the best in any cod. Raven would literally have to try to fuck this up, there is no pressure.

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