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It was this very week last year when we told the world that co-op was coming to Call of Duty. At the time we'd been on the piss with then Infinity Ward head honcho Grant Collier, who had given us the heads-up that plans were afoot to bring a co-op mode to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare via DLC.

We told you, you said 'yay' and it never happened. We'll probably never know why, although kickass sales and an avid online community no doubt took the pressure of Infinity Ward's bank balance enough that they could do without a co-op DLC cash injection six months after launch...

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el_bandito3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

"Treyarch finally trump Infinity Ward"

Though the parting words somehow contradict: "Clearly they still remain in separate classes....There can only be one Gold Medal winner. Thankfully, Silver ain’t bad either."

I'd prefer to be a little discreet first until COD5 get those several GOTY awards too like COD4 garnered back then.

Anyway, I'm hoping COD reverting back to WWII setting would still be fun.

Beast_Master3478d ago

This isn't CoD5 it is CoD: World at War. CoD5 will be reserved probably for Inf. Ward's next iteration into the series. Kinda like how Treyarch did Big Red One, I think from now on you will see Trey get spinoffs and not full sequel names.

ikaris3477d ago

This is Cod5, but the next cod game wont be with a number either.

As Activision has learned via tony hawk, if you put a number next to a game, and that number starts getting too high... ppl stop buyin.

Bombibomb3478d ago

Gameplayer is a retarded website.

Johnny Cullen3478d ago


I dont think Treyarch can...trump...their own trumpet, let alone Infinity Ward.

InMyOpinion3478d ago

Are you a registered member?

SlappingOysters3478d ago

I am guessing that refers to the four player co-op, which it sounds like Infinity Ward couldn't get happening in CoD4. So trumps it in that respect even if it isn't a better game overall.

Whatever, sounds wicked to me. Love co-op. Won't play four, but two player split-screen = giddy up! I can assume this locks it in for CoD 6 too... assuming they use the same engine.

outlawlife3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

i'm doubting it, the game looks like it could be fun but from the videos the AI looks even dumber than COD4 and personally i think the wwII thing just needs to rest for a while

wouldn't mind seeing a vietnam call of duty though, thats one parts of history that isn't represented in games very well

this game ahs some stiff competition in november, msot 360 players are going to be all over gears of war and i'm seeing this game being a sleeper

it will sell a lot but probably not right at release, probably pick up more players at christmas, which is when i'm buying it if the reviews are decent

gamersday083478d ago

I'll wait for the definitive PC version. I'm not gonna fall for the trick this time by buying the console version.

Good things come to those who wait. I'll save my hard-earned $$$ for really worthy console games...:)

outlawlife3478d ago

not all of us have a gaming PC, and not all of us enjoy putting up with the problems with pc games like hardware incompatibility,cheating etc.

Silogon3478d ago

WWII is so played out, give it a damn rest!!!!!!! We finally left it and then, not even 1 game later we're right back to it. How about some Nam or maybe even the Bay of pigs? How about the gulf war or the war on "terror" < if there is any knowing America and all.

Maybe we don't see those kinds of games cause they're not so glorious for America? Maybe it's a bit hard to showcase those in a good, heroic, light. I mean, killing innocent people for oil and invading a country that had nothing to do with the cause is a tad too close to home.

Maybe WWII is the best place for everyone to stay. In a sugar coated world where America is the good guy!

Dacapn3478d ago

Completely agreed. Flamethrowers aren't enough to make me purchase yet another WWII game.

Imagine living in Germany and having to keep playing a game where you kill your grandparents. Shady.

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