Playitreviewit: Mercenaries 2 Review - Oh No You Didn't!

Siraris said:

I did, and I'm sorry. The commercial is too good not to reference, and in some ways is too good for the game it is promoting. You watch the commercial with the catchy yet simplistic tune that many have admitted to getting stuck in their head for days, the beautifully crisp CG, and you are enticed. When I hadn't seen a commercial or even a magazine ad for Mercenaries 2 until only a couple weeks before it's subdued launch, I was worried that the game would struggle to sell even half of what it needed to. I was satisfied with the ad, and felt that it would really draw in a large group of consumers, even if they weren't hardcore.

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Yipee Bog3724d ago

The author recommends buying it, playing it then trading it in a week. I'm sorry but I cant really justify to anyone a good reason to buy this game. Rent it, then maybe buy it used is what I would suggest. Or save your money for LBP, or Resistance 2.