Is CoD5 facing an online disaster? - Gameplayer

With Call of Duty: World at War approaching its November release, and the announcement of a multiplayer beta in October, the question remains as to the levels of risk involved with revisiting the departed World War 2 genre.

For starters, how can this WWII sequel keep up with the "weapon customisation reward system" that is the defining hook of Cod 4's robust multiplayer mode?

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rocklee263721d ago

Will not be better than COD4. Nuff said.

Mc Fadge3721d ago

How can a game be better than itself? You're crazy! :0

Caxtus7503721d ago

LOL @ 1.1.

I will not be buying this. WWII games are quite frankly very dull and unoriginal now in my opinion.

Hagaf223721d ago

this article is completely comparing cod4 to this game, but they dont realize that treyarch is just using what infinity ward did to make the game stand out to make some money off the series, ill pass on this and wait for infinity ward, this games not going to raise the bar for the genre, nothing like cod4 did.

Jamegohanssj53721d ago

Who ever buys this game will be looking up in the air just like that asking why did they even think about it. This game is going to simply blow chunks.


SL1M DADDY3721d ago

If it ain't Infinity Ward, it's a rental.

crillyconlig3721d ago

theres loads of reasons for this

more online games, competition for peoples time, for example farcry 2, resistance2, gears 2, cod4 and a few more. cod4 has pritty much had a year of very little competition.

ww2 weapons dont realy inspire people as much as the modern guns

cod5 is a single player campaign for me, good multiplayer will be great bonus if it turns out good.

Fiona3721d ago

I will actually WAIT for the game to be released and PLAYED the game and then judge the game. I dont know why ppl keep saying this game is going to suck just because Treyarch did it if they even havent played the game. keep open minds ppl! anything can happen. Treyarch life basically depends on this game so who knows, they might actually kick ass. Im looking forward to this game because of the co-op, thats a big plus for me.

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