Very Long Too Human Review of Ironic Naming Conventions

Too Human- the game that everybody and nobody wants to play. At once. Paradox? You'd think so, unless you saw the recent turd-flinging contest between developers, media, fans, and random people that was the Too Human release aftermath.

Too Human is indeed a strange beast, a game who's development I've followed for several years now. For those of you who don't have much background (how could you not?), Too Human is developed by Silicon Knights, the much-lauded developers of titles such as Eternal Darkness, MGS: Twin Snakes, and a Legacy of Kain title. It takes place far in the past, as a sci-fi re-imagining of Norse Mythology, offering a unique take on cyclic history and old Scandinavian tales. You play as the god Baldur, a member of the Aesir corporation, a Private Military Company specializing in cybernetic implants. You are charged with defending humanity's last vestiges from the impending robot invasion. Sound generic? Read on.

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Reload923748d ago

I thought this review was well thought out and written. As for my opinion on the game, I thought it was slightly above average yet enjoyable.

TheColbertinator3748d ago

This game is strange in the reviews.Mostly it got 6s and 7s but it also got 4,a 2,and a couple of 8s and 9s.Weird

heihoosilver3748d ago

and i´m really enjoying the game, sometimes the graphics are very good and sometimes not so good but the gameplay and the story is awesome. i´m with the bioengineer but after finish the game with him i´m gone play again with all the classes. For now i give it a 8/10.