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akaFullMetal3666d ago

looks good, hope to see some new vids

gaffyh3666d ago

Snoopy DS!!!!!! OMG I wonder what you do in that game lol.

tocrazed4you3666d ago

To be awesomeee still need confirmation on KH3 though

Snake Raiser3666d ago

I don't really care about all of the portable KH games. Just KH3! After FF13 went down the only big thing I care about from Enix is KH3.

Harry1903666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

Kingdom Hearts Coded?

Edit: Wow, it's for mobile phones. The graphics are quite superb I must say for this particular platform.(It's not even for the IPhone)

Bombibomb3666d ago

Lol. Have you ever been to Japan? They have mobile phones that are much more advanced than the iPhone. Like, 10-20 times more powerful.

Harry1903666d ago

I have never been to Japan. I am planning to, but that does not mean I am unaware of how far ahead they are in terms of mobile communication and technology. Still,those screenshots for Coded are very impressive.

TheColbertinator3666d ago

I'm betting Square Enix still has some more games and announcements than that.This is TGS so they need to stand out among the rest with some beefy announcements like a Dragon Quest 10 for the consoles

Pain3665d ago

New FF MMO is all i want.

soul899er3666d ago

cool, but its kind of a waste show Infinite Undiscovery, and XI online :( they couldve added White Knight or something

skynidas3666d ago

White Knight??? WTF r u talking about man??

White knight is being developed by Level 5 not by Square Enix

Panthers3666d ago

LOL Ya you know, the people who make Dark Cloud and Rouge Galaxy.

CryofSilence3666d ago

White knight is like the spiritual successor to Legend of Dragoon. Yes, I own and love the game. But it's from Sony, not Square.

soul899er3666d ago

LOL wow im stupid. sorry guys :(

RememberThe3573665d ago

Some people take that kind of thing a little too seriously. We all make mistakes.

Nathaniel_Drake3665d ago

I love LOD, but WKS reminds me of Xenogears

nintendojunkie283664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

Ah..xenogears....that was such an awesome game.

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The story is too old to be commented.