Animal Crossing Wii bundle just got priced

Destructoid reports:

"Our editor-in-chief has just sent along some information fresh from Nintendo's presentation at the GameStop manager's conference in Las Vegas, where the Big N has been discussing Animal Crossing: City Folk and its Wii Speak peripheral. For those of you excited about yet another fruit collecting simulator, we can now reveal how much cash you'll need to scrape together."

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Gurbz3725d ago

69.99 USD


39.9066 GBP

hum..... bit steep, but then i guess i did splash out for wii balance board

fear883725d ago

At least Nintendo has one AAA this holiday. /sarcasm

Cheeseknight283725d ago

Do you have to buy the bundle, or can you get just the game separate?

Product3724d ago

Nintendo at E3 said they would be sold seperately and that the wiispeak was goign to be sold at $30.
Animal Crossing would i would guess be the regular $50.
I may get Wiispeak seperatley if it adds to the something to the Conduit.

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