Sonic In Upcoming Super Smash Bros. Game?

Before anyone throws any type of rotten fruit at me, allow me to say that this is just rumor at the moment. There are reports that Sonic might be a playable character in the upcoming Super Smash Bros. game. The source of this rumor comes from Swedish Nintendo magazine +N who has a list of the characters that are supposed to be making an appearance in the upcoming game.

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calderra3662d ago

*hold Down, rapidly tap B*
Make way!

Odiah3662d ago

It'll be like Purin's rollout move.

grifter0243662d ago

that would be cool. HAHAHA then we shall see who won the console wars in the 90's sonic or mario!!!

Harry3662d ago

Sonic sucks balls. He's far too 'radical' and 'awesome'

Odiah3662d ago

A fat Plumber who gets high on mushrooms and kills turtles is totally bnoring.

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The story is too old to be commented.