VMA: Miley Cyrus Tries To Play Rock Band…Result? Epic Fail

GameXtract writes "We have seen many real artist try, and miserably fail at trying to play Rock Band, and Miley Cyrus is no different. Currently the VMA Awards are underway, and during one of the briefings Miley Cyrus was caught playing Rock Band "behind stage". Their are a number of things wrong with this. 1) She's not facing the screen 2) She's not even singing the correct lyrics 3) She leaves halfway through. Not only that, but I only imagine the timing Harmonix must have taken to ensure that she does not fail half way through. What a scene that would have been! I wonder how much Harmonix paid to get that kit + Miley Cyrus on stage. I'm guessing too much….We caught the clip live, and you can see it after the jump."

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White-Sharingan3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )


come one Hannah...I mean Miley; stick with your real job

taking naughty pics of yourself for the whole world to see

Darkiewonder3749d ago

I second, third, fourth, etc. the naughty pictures. I can't enough of her pictures because her singing was horrible. glad she was no where anyone could hear that!

FantasyStar3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

Jailbait forewarned.

White-Sharingan3748d ago

1- Yes we all know
2- Not all of us here are over 18 years old
3- She never took naked pics sooooooooooooooooo, no jail ;]

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M337ING3749d ago

The next Britney Spears? (in terms of intelligence)

Pedobear3749d ago

When will she die off the music industry like the many other untalented disney girls before her?

Mc Fadge3749d ago

It was obviously set up, she's not actually trying to sing ._.

Darkiewonder3749d ago

Can I say anything song related thing on TV or music tour is set up? because i don't call that singing ;o

White-Sharingan3749d ago

@ Mc Fadge

we all know that its set up :\ its just the fact that she didnt even try to make it look real

she just made herself look like a jackas$ to all gamers; and the coolest s#it to the rest

I guess you win some; you lose some eh?=\

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The story is too old to be commented.