Kickin' it Old School

Gary from Gamingvice writes;

"I was just giving the old amazon a quick check for a collection of games, SNK's King of Fighters:Orochi Saga, a collection of games featuring KOF '95-'97, imagine my surprise that SNK decided to be generous to the states and throw in '94 and '98 as well. That's off topic though, while making my pre-order I noticed something under the "buyers who bought this, also bought this" There was a heaping helping of other companies classic collections. It seemed like almost every company had way more than one as well. I was torn as to how I felt about it. On one hand, for a young person like myself, its a chance to play all the hits and gems your big brother,cousin, older friend have been going on about. On the other hand it seems like its a companies lazy way of making a quick buck."

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