Americas Sales for the Week Ending August 30, 2008

Hardware sales were up slightly this week on the debuts of Tiger Woods, Tales of Vesperia, and Mario Baseball. The next few weeks should be quite interesting as the impacts of the Xbox 360 price cut become apparent.

After a quiet week in the shadow of the latest Madden, there were five new titles which sold over 40,000 units this week. EA, Nintendo, and Namco-Bandai led the charge, with a new Tiger Woods on multiple platforms, a Mario baseball game on Wii, and Tales of Vesperia for Xbox 360. With the new releases for the week, total hardware sales were up slightly from last week. DS saw the biggest increase for the week, as bundles were introduced to counteract the typical early fall decline in portable sales after the back to school rush. PSP, which had no such measure this week, saw the largest drop of all platforms. In the ongoing PS3 vs. Xbox 360 battle in the Americas, PS3 outsold its main rival another week, though it is important to remember that this is the last week unaffected by the Xbox 360 price drop. Next week, the Xbox 360 should see a slight boost (the price drop went into effect September 5th , VGC data will be through September 6th ) followed by a larger boost the following weeks. The larger boost should jettison Xbox 360 above PS3 once again as the price advantage widens.

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Silogon3750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

I love how PS3 kicks xbox 360's ass, sales wise, again in America, and these idiots make an excuse. The sales are already in affect. It did nothing for them cause no one wants to buy a gimped 200 dollar xbox 360 with no hdd in it. They'd rather buy the good one.

mikeslemonade3750d ago

You fail as a PS3 fanboy. Get your facts straight it was the Sept 3-4 where the system dropped to $200. If you want to troll try getting your facts straight.

silverchode3750d ago

didnt the 360 drop price in july?

Silogon3750d ago

Want facts?

FACT: no one wants the 200 dollar gimped xbox 360 that is already cheaply made and now even more cheaply made. The system is gimped as it is, why take important stuff off it? Sony's systems never took off anything that would directly affect it.

Ps3's all ahve hdd's and blu-ray players, and wifi. Same can't be said for the xbox 360 who doesn't even have a universal set standard for hdd storage capacity.

This isn't going to sell, sorry. Ps3 will kick its ass again and again this year, like it did all year long. holiday season is coming up and you're going to see the Ps3 cripple the xox 360 i terms of sales.

mikeslemonade3750d ago

No the guy said "The sales are already in affect. It did nothing for them cause no one wants to buy a gimped 200 dollar xbox 360 with no hdd in it."

The $200 Arcade didn't hit until Sept 4th. So your wrong Silogan.

Firstkn1ghT3750d ago

Whoa. A sony fanboy attacking another sony fanboy. That is just rich!

ICUP3750d ago

Well at least SONY fanboy have check and balance with M$ fanboy one stupid xbot said jump all xbots blindly follow.

Snukadaman_3750d ago

hahaha someone trying to point out someone being wrong ends up being wrong...dam mike your a moron....the price cut went into effect on the 5th officially...
besides when are you ever right...

MAiKU3750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

I don't know what you people are arguing about. The article is full of biased fan boy based interpretations that assume the success of a single console and not what the others has to other, nope it's about the possibility and some bind way of stating a success for the 36o.

This is why i hate VG chartz, they failed at predicting those numbers and now they have the nerve to post the actual sales on there and still back a failed system.

PS3 is still doing better, better sales numbers is still better sales numbers no matter how much you try to shank it.

GOD its so blindingly obvious this site is a supporter of the xbox 360, all of the article goes on to talk about is the 360. Maybe something else here and there and whoops oh gee golly it's another statement about the 360.

mikeslemonade3750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

On Amazon it was the 4th so im correct. Some stores broke the date even earlier. I never said officially Snuka, so you were wrong there. I proove you wrong all the time anyway your an xflop you must have thought hd-dvd had won and 360 sold more in 2007. You got no creditability mr. i own 3 360s. Your a payed MS employee.

Silogan sucks he trolls for both systems. Screw him, his whole point of posting here is for his own enjoyment.

ICUP3750d ago

Damn, u read? this is a first, so how your second account doing?

Shadow Man3750d ago

And you find a better Sony d!ck in your mouth that one is to short.

BLuKhaos3750d ago

yeah you would know all about that wouldn't you.

MAiKU3750d ago

sorry if facts prove your little fan site wrong.

so S U C K -- I T!

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morganfell3750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

Give up, really just give up.

The 360 boost from the price drop didn't happen in a manner that was close to what was predicted. With the evidence clear VGChartz refuses to acknowledge the fact the bounce was there but not in the amount necessary to drive 360 sales beyond PS3 sales. This is the point where VGChartz goes from ignorance - as in being ignorant or unaware of something - to just plain stupid.

The figures for VGChartz are an industry joke and everyone realizes this except the people at VGChartz.

EDIT: Look at Amazon. The PS3 just keeps moving ahead of the Wii - a no game console that that has begun to reach saturation at an early age. A fact that isn't surprising considering that the novelty has worn off and no one wants a multiplatform game on the Wii where they will have to suffer a ridiculously shoehorned control scheme with the accuracy of a daisy air rifle.

The PS3 has stepped up to the 4th place and the Wii has dropped to 10. Meanwhile the 360 peaked at 17 and is now headed for the cellar as it continues to slide towards 30 and that is the Elite. The 60GB has performed even worse having reached the 20s and now dropped steadily into the 40s as it continues it's march to bargain bin heaven on a cloud reserved for has been consoles.

spectyre3750d ago

I find your post to be quite uninformed.

I had a Daisy air rifle, and it was pretty accurate. ;P

Splenda143750d ago

morgenfell the price was not in affect on August 30 if you read article you are just a stupid troll

morganfell3750d ago

No splenda you can't read. I am talking about right now you dumbass. Look at the sales (or lack of in the 360's case) right now. We saw a slight jump on the 360 and interest has already begun to drop off. You are the imbecile that is incapable of forming anything resembling comprehension. That is after the price cut, er...price cuts of desperation and they damn well aren't working. Enjoy last place there buddy.

n4gzz3750d ago


LOL @ dumbass statement. That was epic.

juuken3750d ago

Morgan...easy on them! xD
Rofl, that was pure ownage.

Deadman643749d ago

Do you own stocks or something that you want the 360 to fail so badly? Competition keeps business good for the customers you know...

juuken3749d ago

If competition is good, then why do most of you 360 fanboys want the PS3 to fail? I agree competition is good, but not when a corporation willfully puts a faulty console on the market.

Mr_Bun3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

Then you have a company like M$ which feeds on the ignorant by selling faulty hardware and polishing $hit games and calling them Halo 3. You have them reaching so far into their pockets causing all gamers to lose...Take FF13 for example. If they hadn't payed off SE, everyone (including 360 owners) had a chance of owning FF13 early. The PS3 version would have been released earlier and if you didn't own a PS3 you could have rented/bought a PS3 to play the game...or even played it at a friend's house who had a PS3 if you didn't. Now everyone in (outside of Japan) has to wait because of M$.

That is one of many examples and it doesn't help that you have a site as biased as vgchartz that spin everything around for the 360.

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LightningPS33750d ago

Please... VG chartz has no clue. Just wait for the NPD once a month.

kspraydad3750d ago

can kiss my ass.

Thanks for listening.

morganfell3750d ago

Ha ha, too funny and it expresses the opinion of anyone with common sense.

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