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Jade Empire: Xbox Live Original (XboxOZ360 Review)

From XboxOZ360:

"An exceptional RPG available for the 1st-Gen Xbox is now readily available as an Xbox Original via Xbox 360 Marketplace, for 1200 MSP. BioWare's Jade Empire is an RPG of epic proportions and a game that any serious fan of the genre must experience at some stage or another, as while it may not be the best, it surely is one of the more interesting and engaging additions to the genre." (Arcade, Jade Empire, Xbox, Xbox 360)
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Superfragilistic  +   2447d ago
Is there something wrong with me if I had more fun with this than KOTOR?
Immortal Kaim  +   2447d ago
Yes Super :)

No, but I didn't get to play Jade Empire as much as I wanted to, so I really don't know the extent of how good this game is. I wish I had a bigger HDD...
Taker_129  +   2447d ago
if you have never played or finished this game, I recommend you buy it because it is one of the best games on the original Xbox. It is a fantastic game.
Dzpool  +   2446d ago
is this backwards compatibale
because you can probably pick this up used for about ten bucks on disc
Superfragilistic  +   2446d ago
Yep I picked up a LE version for $12 AUD at EB and works fine after a 10 second Live update. :)
XboxOZ360  +   2447d ago
Not sure if it's me (which it probably is), but RPG's like this just don't "do it" for me I'm afraid. Much prefer the Mass Effect approach . . . The controls for me were a bit on the clumbsy side and some of the combat combos just didn't seem to gel.

Initially it took me heaps of effort to beat some enemies, even after spending what seemed like minutes on the one foe. So while I have the Original in Mint condition (still sealed), at least the XO Download let me see I'll leave it that way and hopefully sell it to some Jade Empire fan worthy of its ownership - hint hint.
gaminoz  +   2447d ago
I think the big problem with RPGs these days is the lack of time I have to get into them!!! I've still yet to finish Mass Effect would you believe, and that's because I like to immerse myself and not have kids interrupt every few minutes! With a shooter I can pause and keep going but with an RPG it takes something away from the experience to do that....
XboxOZ360  +   2447d ago
@ gaminoz
Mate, I think that's true of most games, and especially RPG's.

I'm right in the midlle of compiling a HUGE listing of 360 games for the site, I've been at it for 3 days and still nowhere near completed, as I no soon finish one games details, then I find at least 2 more items, screens or developers notes on a new one.

And they are not all sequels, a huge % are all fresh IP's.

Something the last gen didn't have, we had m=ore Sequels and run-ons then. Many developers are now loving "this-Gen' as they can finally pump out the games they have wanted to for some years, not only on PC's, but on consoles now to a much bigger audience.

If we played every game through to the end, we'd be stuck on the consoles 24/7 and still not complete them within a year. Anyone says they do not have enough games or choice is basically fooling themselves.
Immortal Kaim  +   2447d ago
I certainly appreciate that everyone has different tastes in games, but for me personally, RPG's are where games really define themselves. Narratives are deeper, characters more fleshed out, if I couldn't play RPG's I wouldn't be gaming at all. Though like some of the people above stated, time is certainly an issue.

@Xboxoz360, Im interested in the Jade Empire game you have lol
Harry190  +   2447d ago
Getting better
Good review. Great game.
Godem  +   2447d ago
I bought this the other day for a whopping $10 :D but im a little put off by the fighting its all a bit awkward. Well at least in the begginning of the game, ive only played for about 30minutes.

Im sure the combat gets better right?
psycho360  +   2447d ago
Who would have thought, xbox360 would become an RPG funfest console. NOt only we get the JPRGs / WRPGS but even xbox quality RPGS. I wish ps2/ps3 lovers would open their eyes and mind and see what they are missing. At the ridiculous price of $199/$299 which true gamer would not like to experience gears/halo/ME/Bio/PGR/IU/Fable 2/Gears2 not to mention 100s of arcade titles, movies, LIVE play etc. etc.

These so called force of sony protecting their precious ps3 should ditch the hatered and try the 360, im sure 80% will change their mind. The only people who wont will be likes of nasims/angrybot/juuken etc.
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Immortal Kaim  +   2447d ago
@ Psycho
We can all dream mate, it seems that the majority of fanboys (on both sides) don't typically listen to reason. What happened to people actually playing games for fun, irrespective of platform? Who knows?
nieto  +   2447d ago
that is why we call people like you fanboys. do you think that the ps3 has no games or something? don't make me write a list...

live? we need to pay for that
movies? we need to pay for that
arcade tittles? we need to pay for that
JPRGs / WRPGS? most of them are having average reviews
the x360 has the highest percentage of failure rate
-proprietary HDD nor wi-fi

$200 seems like a fair price for that crap that doesn't even has a high capacity storage media like blu-ray nor wi-fi integrated...

PS2 alone has more quality games than the X360 and Xbox combine and we can play all those on our ps3's and ps1 too while playing online for free with a decent service that it is evolving quickly and a lot of exclusive that the X360's not going to see in its entire life circle.

did you forget about White Knight Story, God of War, the legendary Team Ico and all the first and second party's that Sony owns? Sony is the one that has the most Studios of the three companies, that's why we PS3 owners are so confident of our console.

MS is still a baby compared to Sony in console gaming.

Edit: what difference that makes? you're saying that we should play games for fun but then you're talking like if you were supporting Psycho's opinion; may i say contradiction?
-this is in response to Psycho... obviously this it's a matter of perspectives.
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Immortal Kaim  +   2447d ago
@ nieto
Who was that directed at?
TheIneffableBob  +   2447d ago
I found Jade Empire to be a little on the meh side. It just felt too action-y to me. It was a good game, yes, but more like 7/10 good. I still can't believe that IGN gave it a 9.9/10.
ZackFair  +   2447d ago
Fantastic game.
Buy it.
karlostomy  +   2447d ago
I played Jade empire to death on xbox!
It's a great game, if you are patient enough to get involved in the story and character development!

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