GameHounds Episode 32: Penis Envy

Welcome to a new week and a new episode of GameHounds Podcast. And welcome to the first week of LISTENER APPRECIATION MONTH, where GamerEdie Sellers and Cooper Hawkes give out all the great swag they got from GDC 08, E3 08 and PAX 08!

On this week's episode, Edie and Hawkes discuss their usual stuff: Gaming and the video-game industry. And after Episode 31's discuss of the va-jay-jay, they also give equal time to the man meat. It wasn't intentional, but let's face it, these two just can't stay on topic. And listeners love them more for it, don't they?

When they aren't delving into the masculine nethers, they discuss Square Enix's failed attempt to merge with Tecmo, Microsoft's DLC clearance sale, rumors that Dead Space has been banned in three countries, new Halo 3 achievements, and Europe's new Xbox Live Film Club.

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doshey3748d ago

whats with everyone and Penis now