RiverMan Media Interview - MadStone - WiiWare World

A portion of an interview WiiWare World did with RiverMan Media....

WW: The puzzler genre is already a bit crowded on WiiWare, how will MadStone stand out from the crowd?

JS: Actually, you know, it's funny, but I don't find the puzzle genre to be especially crowded. I was thinking we'd see a lot of block-based puzzlers, and really there aren't too many. It's almost disappointing because it's my favorite genre! Of course, less competition is a good thing for MadStone.

PS: From the beginning, MadStone was designed to be very fast-paced, almost an action-puzzle game. I think players will find that it doesn't follow the current trend of casual puzzle games, where the experience is almost relaxing. If you try to relax while playing MadStone, you will lose! A huge part of the game is the quake super move, where you shake the controller to destroy blocks onscreen. We think that this physical engagement adds a visceral level of excitement that is uniquely possible only on Wii, and sets MadStone apart from other WiiWare puzzlers.

JS: Also, there is no color matching, which distinguishes it from almost every other block-based puzzler ever made!

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