Sony is apparently cancelling GT Sport digital pre-orders

Players who have pre-ordered GT Sport digitally through the PlayStation Store are now finding that their pre-orders have been canceled.

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TwoForce712d ago (Edited 712d ago )

Well, that's suck. But at least, gamer get refund.

Edit : I get it why delay and canceled the pre order, that about it. Sorry for miscorrect.

nX712d ago

Isn't Sony offering a refund for every digital preorder that is delayed? They did the same for UC4.

sammarshall102711d ago

It kind of seems like they don't have a time frame of when this game will be ready

quent712d ago

Just ignore the disagree's dude, if you don't have something 100% positive to say about the clichéd tools precious exclusives you automatically get disagreed.

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Goldby711d ago

Sorry, cant get a refund unless youve played 50+ hours, beat the main game and complained on the internet for days on end.. /s

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Rude-ro712d ago

Most likely. This has happened before when the date needed to be changed via psn.

SniperControl712d ago

Got the collectors edition ordered from Amazon UK, so my pre-order is at least safe.

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Antnee534712d ago

They always cancel pre orders If they delay the game and you don't check your email to let them know you want to keep your pre oder happened a few weeks ago with my ff15

Aenea712d ago

Yeah, it's nothing new.

Antnee534711d ago

Lol now it really doesn't matter but why did I get a disagree ?

Kiwi66711d ago (Edited 711d ago )

You could say "hello" and get the same response and what you said makes sense about pre-orders getting cancelled

BattleAxe712d ago

Microsoft has totally destroyed Sony this gen with regards to racing sims(Forza). I would have to imagine that fans of Gran Turismo must be getting impatient by this point.

-Mezzo-712d ago

Its easier to win when the Competition hasn't even arrived yet. Lol

BattleAxe712d ago

That's the point I'm making. You'd think that Sony would have their s**t together with regards to their first party games. Sony's first party studios simply haven't shown up this gen, with the exception of Naughty Dog, and perhaps Sucker Punch, although most fans of Infamous have made it known that Second Sun wasn't at the same level as the previous two games on PS3. It's their first party studios which made Sony great last gen, but this gen has been a complete reversal, and yet, Sony gets nothing but praise. That's one hell of a loyal fanbase....

SniperControl712d ago (Edited 712d ago )


What exactly have ms bought to the table of any quality......... All i've seen are the same old Halo and Forza's this gen.

Rude-ro712d ago

What does it matter?
They have a huge list coming, the have the most amount of games for a console this gen, and when they do deliver, they usually win a lot of awards.
Launch games never live up. Forza 5 was a ghost of a game that also used false advertising because of the downgrades.
It happens.
Halos campaign, also a ghost when compared to the other games.

You act as if Sony is not delivering anything and that is childish. There is no other console that offers as much.

As far the PS3 goes, according to all the media and Xbox fankids, it did not deliver for three years either and the ps4 already had the highest rated games this gen. Something the PS3 did not have three years in.

I know you demand so much, but who can compete?

Spectre_StatusN7712d ago


That is completley false. Sony Japan Studio co developed Bloodborne and are doing Gravity Rush 2. Media Molecule has Dreams coming out Sony Santa Monica is returning with God of War which was game show of E3. Gueriila Games, while KZ shadowfall was mediocore they have returned with which might be the best new ip of this generation with the way Horizon Zero Dawn looks. Sony Bend is making Days Gone which looks great as well. The only studio that failed this gen so far is Evolution and they closed down.

Sooooo how exactly is Sony's first party failing again????

BattleAxe712d ago (Edited 712d ago )

@ Rude-ro

Actually, the PS3 did deliver early on. Resistance: Fall of Man, Heavenly Sword, Motorstorm, and Uncharted: Drakes Fortune, just to name some of the early PS3 classics. All of which were some of my all-time favorites.

Sony is not delivering this time, and while that's my opinion, it's also backed-up by reviews and delayed release dates for their exclusive first party games. Just look at Knack, look at Killzone: Shadow Fall and Driveclub. I think that if you're looking at graphics only, then sure, all three of those games shine beautifully, but as have to admit that these were all tech demos.

I was a huge Killzone fan last gen, and for good reason. You can't tell me, or any fan of the series, that Guerrilla Games delivered on a great game! You can't tell me that Mark Cerny delivered a great game with Knack. You can't tell me that Evolution Studios delivered a great game with Driveclub! Evolution Studios no longer exists because of Driveclub.

From Studios delivered with Bloodborn, Insomniac Delivered with Ratchet & Clank, Naughty Dog delivered with Uncharted 4, and I suppose you could make some kind of argument that Sucker Punch delivered with Infamous: Second Sun. But at the end of the day, that's all there is folks.

Your claim that there are more games on PS4, most likely is not true, particularly when you include all of the backwards compatible games on Xbox One. Sony has done a great job in bringing small indie games over to the PS4, but most of these games are available on Steam also, and in many cases they are available on Steam months before they ever show up on PS4. Some of these games also end up on Xbox One at some point, such as The Witness, which is coming soon.

I realize that you don't like or share my opinion, and that's fine, but name calling such as calling people childish when you disagree with someone's opinion, is childish in and of itself.

@ Spectre_StatusN7

Lets just wait for these games that you've listed to come out. We've been down Hype Lane too many time this generation, only to be left disappointed. The Order 1886 comes to mind, and remember the hype train behind that beauty....

Rude-ro712d ago (Edited 712d ago )

Please point out name calling in my comment.
I said acting childish, of which it is.
Uncharted got mediocre reviews, resistance got mediocre reviews and if you are even trying to say that Sony did not get blasted for not having games the first 3 years, you are new to n4g. Welcome.
Knack was a good game. You should try it.
Driveclub is a great game. You should try, especially with the free vr update... No other racer compares with vr currently.
The order... Was a let down, but still good. The story is something I still hope they continue and right the wrongs but a good start for a new ip..
I can tell you are only going by reviews rather than hands on. Sad.
But, with the point I made, compared to who? Would you like Sony to turn more to monopolizing third party games to compete with Microsofts shallow fillings? Is that what you are looking for?
The list of games coming is beyond interesting and makes me to want to buy a neo. What does the competition have coming? Two indie looking games and more halo forza? Isn't this why cod gets slammed for repetitive releases of the same game?
I could get what you are saying if you what you are saying made sense.
It took until uncharted 2 last gen for the media to stop bashing Sony... It took 8 months to shut them up this gen. They are good

extermin8or711d ago

Woah battlefield what you smoking? So Microsoft have forza (again) and gears of war (yet again) crackdown which is the third entry/a reboot but I'll give them looks fairly fresh. Scalesbound, sea of thieves and halo wars 2. There are a couple of other games that don't even have has gran turismo sport, spiderman, horizon zero dawn, days gone, God of war, horizon zero dawn, the last guardian, Kingdom hearts 2.8 (3rd party). Unannounced sucker punch title and likely another naughty dog title not to mention all the vr content and guerilla have said they have a second studio working in shadow fall sequel and I forgot about media molecules dreams and from softwares bloodborne...... So who has the most AAA titles coming? I know the answer. So far xbox has had halo collection, gears 1 remaster. Forza 5,6, horizon 2, quantum break titan fall, recore (weren't those servers shutdown recently), dead rising 3, ryse thats about it.

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Majin-vegeta712d ago

Microsoft has totally destroyed Sony this gen when it comes to.copy and paste racers.

Fixed that for you :)

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SniperControl712d ago (Edited 711d ago )

Are'nt you guys getting bored of four Forza's in three years, talk about milking the customer.......

Edit: Yes bak, were so mad, that we flood our chosen console with rinse and repeat games every year.

Edit: @battle, jesus man, it's still Two Forza's and two Horizons in in three years lol.

[email protected], lol, watered down, jesus, thats rich coming from a console with 8 games from 4 franchises in 3 years.

[email protected] You should check out the list floating around about you boys....

LexHazard79712d ago (Edited 712d ago )

Nope, and Forza Horizon 3 is upon us..Lol.

Edit: its obvious some are just mad theres no decent racer on PS4 besides Driveclub and thats an Arcade racer.

BattleAxe712d ago

@ SniperControl

If you can't tell the difference between Forza and Forza Horizon, then you can't tell the difference between an apple and an orange!

donthate712d ago

Better than waiting for a watered down GT Sports focusing on VR. Are you tired of waiting?

That wait will not be rewarded.

formanbradley712d ago

It's like CoD, buying the new one near launch is basically admitting that you are 100% tired of the last one.

711d ago
LexHazard79711d ago

The funny thing is that Forza 6 was better than Forza 5. Forza Horizon 2 was better than FH. Forza Horizon 3 looks to blow all of them away. There not as copy and paste as you think. Aside from FM5 presentation in game. Its been a top quality series. I cant say the same for GT and Im a fan. They were still using PS2 models on PS3 Lol.... and heres Turn 10 trying to get as much details as possible, from real damage, to actual car sounds, visiting all the top makers in the world. To give us best quality, yeah but its cut and paste right? What about all the work put into bringing us Australia in FH3. Yeah but its all cut and paste.

Atleast we know why you made the list.

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Grievous712d ago

DriveClub probably outsold all Forzas combined.

BattleAxe712d ago

Yeah, it sold so well that Sony had to shut down Evolution Studios...

Tobsesan712d ago

Ye, 2 Studios are working on Forza while Evolution Studios got shut down, guess that Sony money aint coming.

But honest talk: Forza is with both its franchises on top of the racing food chain. Forza Horizon is probably the best Racing Franchise currently on the market and 3 will melt peoples minds. You will see how behind GT and Driveclub actually are in the racing genre.

Doabarrelroll712d ago (Edited 712d ago )

And Sony has destroyed MS in games general with high rated, high sales and diversity, but you didn't hear it from us, apart from xboxs alien shooter(plenty of shooters to play) and its milked cow forza, why should we care exactly? GT Sport will come when it's ready

Tobsesan712d ago

Its funny, because if you count all GT, R&C, Uncharted etc. are all actually more milked as the MS franchises. Just count how many games came out in which timespan. I posted it a few weeks back, its just funny seeing ppl like you writing stuff without freaking making a research.

SniperControl712d ago (Edited 712d ago )


Lol, Milked?? Lol so what do you call two Halo's, two Forza's and two Horizons's in three years, man you lot are truly delusional. Lmao.

Edit: dont forget the two gears as well.

andibandit711d ago (Edited 711d ago )

still waiting for some decent quality FPS or TPS from Sony.
It's like they gave us KZ:SF and thought, that will appease those xbox owners who switched to PS, for the next 5 years.

MatrixxGT712d ago

Dude just play on man. You can rarely have an intelligent reply on N4G. I have both consoles and the delay of GT Sport has really just made me throw my hands up. Sure they made the decision for the right reasons but it's hard to get excited for sonys releases anymore.
To keep making excuses for a company just sounds desperate.

Spectre_StatusN7712d ago


So your argument that Sony's first party has failed this gen is based on 3 games (Driveclub, KZ Shadowfall and Knack)? 2 of which were launch games at that? Really? Lol you have to do better than that.

BattleAxe712d ago

Umm....yeah. What else have their first party studios released this year that have been well received and reviewed since launch, other than Infamous, Uncharted and a remaster of The Last of Us?

Goldby711d ago

@Battle Axe.

these are just some of the titles released this year
R&C -85
MLB The Show - 85
Salt and Sanctuary - 84
Valkyria Chronicles Remastered - 84
King fo Fighter - 81
Prison Architect - 80
Downwell - 80
Oxenfree - 79
Grand Kingdom - 78
AbZu - 77

i can keep looking if you like.

711d ago
Goldby711d ago

My bad didnt read the first party part and yes i realised some of those after the fact were multiplatform.

Never the less sony has had some amazing exclusives and 3rd party multiplatform games released this year. Ms has Fh 3 which looks amazing, not mu cup of tea but amazing none the less.

Its been a good year. Thats all im saying

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Aenea712d ago

Wow, haha!

Good for you! You found a positive in all the negative!

Seriously tho, all those Forza games are winking at me, if Sony isn't releasing any new hardware in 2017 (sjeesh I hope not!) then a Scorpio might be snatched up if the price isn't too crazy.

buttcheeks711d ago

Dude where is Microsofts rpg ,platformers,sports games man they really don't even have a game with a decent story this gen and please never speak on first party games regarding Microsoft vs Sony the only ones they had so far are halo and forza with only gears and sea of thieves coming up so chill you're just embarrassing yourself and Microsoft even more.

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