Call of Duty: World At War -- Top 5 Things to Know

Think you're ready for Call of Duty: World at War? You might have the moxie, but you're not allowed on the field of battle until you pass basic training. Get caught up with five features even battle-tested soldiers can't do without.

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CallOfWar223748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

1sttttttt!!!! Sound good. Loved COD4!!!! Still love it!! Can't wait for 4 player co-op!!!! I have doubts about multiplayer cuz IW isn't behind this one. HOpe it rocks.

NegativeCreep4273748d ago

The infamous, unstoppable, Immortal and totally bad-a$$ secret agent Jack Bauer is going to lend his voice to the main protagonist of the game! That's cool. Every 24 fan will love this game.

BigKev453748d ago

Don't buy it. Wait for Infinity Ward with COD 6.

yaboi3748d ago

i didn't know u could already play the game
where is it i wanna know!!

xxBATTLECATxx3748d ago

this will definitely be a must buy
ive owned every COD since the first PC version, and the PS2s call of duty finest hour was the first online game i ever played and ive been hooked ever since. i usually only buy this for the online anyway and this one looks to trump COD4