NWR: Puzzle Quest: Galactrix Preview

NWR writes: "The original Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords became a huge sleeper hit through word of mouth and heavy promotion at sites like Penny Arcade. The sequel is a major departure in several ways, but Galactrix, like any other follow-up, aims to capture the same magic and improve on a number of features. It was shown running on the PC at E3 2008, but the upcoming DS version should be essentially the same.

Galactrix is being developed by the same core team who created the original, but they don't consider it to be a direct sequel because it doesn't continue the story from Challenge of the Warlords. Instead, it goes into science-fiction territory, and the battles now take place between huge spaceships rather than between wizards or knights. You control a single pilot but can have up to three ships, each customized differently. The pilot and each ship gain experience levels independently, so the RPG elements are quite a bit deeper in this game."

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