Midway Releases Two Screenshots from MKvDCU With Scorpions Fatality

The folks over at Midway have released two new screenshots from the upcoming Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe! This time, the two screenshots share a common theme; in them, Scorpion is performing his signature Toasty fatality on Sub-Zero!

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MK_Red3754d ago

The fire effects look cool but the lack of M rated gore is still annoying as heck. Scorpion looks awesome though.

Ghoul3753d ago

hahah that is funny

first time ever i saw a screenshot release that actually show the same fecking scene only 1 sec. delayed on the second shot.

looks good though :)

VMAN_013753d ago

I thought fatalities weren't gonna be in the game?

Panthers3753d ago

Wow you missed it. You didnt see the Joker fatality? That was really funny.

marichuu3753d ago

"the victim's body says intact aside from the fact that it is covered in flames."


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