Games with Gold vs. PlayStation+ Free Games – September 2016

It’s that time of the month again folks. The time where gamers collectively gather all over the internet to criticize what free games they get this month. So, who plundered the other’s fanboys for all their self-worth and gratification in life? Who was the victor in July? Let’s take a look.

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twdll441d ago

For some reason my browser sais this is an attack website. Just fyi.

dekke441d ago

yeah my Firefox is moaning same too :P

TylerFischer441d ago

Yeah it's doing that for most sites linked from here on Chrome as well -- odd.

1Victor440d ago

Same for safari I hope this site admins do something about this because it's becoming annoying 😡

medman440d ago

Yes...firefox and chrome has said the same for me for a few days now. Wondering if something happened....