Let's Discuss Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

What does the new Infinite Warfare trailer offer fans of the series? GTUK's Adam Owen offers his opinion on the direction CoD is going.

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ape007827d ago

honestly, the game look much better than i expected, the new player movement system will make the gameplay MUCH better, the movement system that they implemented with CoD ghosts and then to AW and BO3 kinda ruined the game, it made it shooting players feel dodgy, fuzzy, un-tight and confusing as hell,glad they fixed it


This is black ops 3.5 with minor updates they still have the same kill streak they also have 6 specialist and is no different than black ops to tell you the truth everything looks the same

DeadlyOreo827d ago

Seriously, what is with you? Why are you even here? You just look like a ridiculous troll.