Wired: Explore Puzzle Quest Designer's New Kingdoms - Preview

Wired writes: "Move over, Puzzle Quest: Here comes Puzzle Kingdoms.

Puzzle Quest was arguably 2007's biggest sleeper hit. I had to go to several different stores before I could find a copy of the Nintendo DS version of the game, which was a clever blend of Bejeweled-style match-three-gems puzzles with role-playing game elements: By solving puzzles, you defeated monsters and built up your character, then roamed around the giant world map looking for more challenges, all leading up to greater confrontations.

This year, developer Infinite Interactive will unleash two successors: the space-themed Puzzle Quest Galactrix and Puzzle Kingdoms. The latter, published by startup Zoo Games, is what we shall be discussing today. While it's not officially a part of the Puzzle Quest line of products, it shares the same characters and setting. More importantly, it shares a good deal of gameplay in common with its big brother."

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