Three Things the PS3 Still Needs

Tosh writes:

"I've seen a couple blog posts recently about this topic, and the things they were asking for were so small and insignificant I had to wonder if they gave the topic any thought at all, or are just looking to scare up readers with idiot ideas. "

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Wildarmsjecht3723d ago

Good ones. Saying it just needs RPGS means you wouldnt mind it having mediocre at best RPGs like another certain system.

LastPlace-tation 3rd3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

hahahahahahha PS3rd is a joke.

Enjoy 3rd last place desperate PS3rd boys....that's where you've been for 3 years hahahahhahahaha(behind the 360 in everyway possible) and it's where you're staying for this whole generation.


good games, good online and EVERYTHING online. More than 3 games with trophies in them HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA, Crossgame voice chat, RPG's hahahahahhahahahaha. PS3rd only has crappy wanna-be shooters also like Killzone and Resistance HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA, PS3rd is a joke. It sucks, has no games, crappy in game XMB, Crappy last place Sony developer franchises, NO RPG's whatsoever, no developer support.

This generation has been awesome. XboX 360 is STILL ahead of the Turdstation Fail....and even's a MUCH MUCH better gaming machine...and everyone knows it, and anyone at any gamestop/EB games or that works in the industry will tell you this.

Xbox 360 is going to get more AAA games again this year, also. HAHHAHAAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

PS3rd is a JOKE. Enjoy 3rd, PS3rd fanboys. : )

This generation is and has been a blast for me on the superior Xbox 360. The new Xbox will be out again in a couple of years and will start this cycle all over again ; )

Playstation isn't the leader anymore, period. And it doesn't deserve to be. It's in last place. They might not ever leave it either.


: )

uckitsayitchbay3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

Well theres 3 minuets of my life ill never get back... This article fails on so many levels

vickers5003723d ago

Exactly how does it fail? PS3 DOES need cross game chat, whether you think it does or not.

UltimateIdiot9113723d ago

PS3 probably won't see it, and I personally feel it won't need it.

If you didn't know, Microsoft patented over 5000 general ideas including cross game chat just so it doesn't make it to Sony PlayStation. Seriously, 5000 is overkill and if that doesn't smell like a monopoly, I'm not sure what it smells like than. This is why we won't see full support of custom in game music anytime soon.
Microsoft =/= innovation.

bruiser813723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

I hope the other two companies dont follow MS lead and start putting patents on everything. Nobody would get anywhere, nintendo was the first with rumble, sony the first with dual analog controllers on a console all of which are standard on all three systems. I love xbox but hate MS tactics. Kinda makes it hard for me to root for them when deep down i dont think their dominance will server the gaming community well at all

Parapraxis3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

3 minuets?????
I hope english isn't your native tongue.

cross game chat is a must, it'll come i believe, hopefully soon.
They just need to use unique software to get around any possible lame ass patents.

maybe hmm the Sony owned Station Voice?
Hurry up already Sony.

EDIT: cereal_killa , cross-GAME chat, not in-game chat.

cereal_killa3723d ago


Microsoft patented over 5000 general ideas including cross game chat just so it doesn't make it to Sony PlayStation.

How does M$ own cross chat when we use it in Socom?

Charlie26883723d ago

@cereal_killa: he refereing to the fact that MS patented the tech that allows the 360 games to receive those features via the Xbox 360 itself and if Sony cant use this its up to the devs to implement each individual feature per other words if the devs doesn't include cross game chat or custom music when making the game you simply NEVER get it -_-

C_SoL3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

profile support all the way.........u guys are whack FOR NOT WANTING THESE FEATURES.........there's so much room for improvement..........

UltimateIdiot9113723d ago

Nothing wrong with improvement, if enough people wants it and Sony adds it, great. Personally, cross game chat is a feature I can live without.
One thing I love about Sony is that they listen to their users and try their best to add it.

MrReality3723d ago

im the exact opposite i love private chatting if my ps3 ps3 had that my xbox would be my dust collector jk. But private chatting helps so much in getting friends in game but does no one else want game invite that can be sent to your xmb and you can join from your xmb mail box that and private chatting and id be so happy!

potenquatro3722d ago

from my understanding, MS didn't patent cross game chat, they patented the way you do it. Sony just needs to find another way to achive it. Don't make excuses for Sony(unless they pay you for it),demand that they step it up. I think the custom tracks patent MS has is the same way,they patented how to do it, not the feature itself. This is all hear/say not anything official,so don't ask for evidence.If it's up to the game dev, let them know we need it. Theese are all features that should be standard in 2008 if we keep sying it doesn't matter they'll never get it.

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Expy3723d ago

One thing it needs, is for these stupid articles to stop.

MrReality3723d ago

in home can me and my friends stay in party and have voice support all the time from game to game if so home will be revolutionary!!!

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