Nioh Beta Preview - Gaming Respawn

Gaming Respawn's Daniel Garcia-Montes takes a look at Nioh.

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galmi442d ago

Game of the year for me...please Koei release it this year

VsAssassin442d ago

I was playing this beta when suddenly I thought... "Wouldn't it be cool if all these graves are taken advantage of by an enemy somehow, in that this enemy would summon one or two of them and force you to fight Revenants?" Lo and behold, Twilight phase happens and I bumped into this guitar-playing enemy that does the exact thing!

Clover904442d ago

I absolutely had a blast with the beta. Teamed up with a friend. We couldn't stop comparing weapons, armor, magic, skills... I'll definitely be buying this one day one :)

Psychonaut85441d ago

I'm a fan of bloodborne and souls but this is grabbin me in a way even they haven't, at first I thought it would be a clone, but there's so many things Nioh does to make the formula its own, way deeper combat system, very satisfying.