Xbox Portable Might Be Just a Dream

Nintendo has enjoyed nearly two decades of portable gaming success with the Game Boy line of devices, more recently printing money by way of the touchscreen-equipped Nintendo DS and DS Lite.

Sony has been able to achieve a good level of success with the PSP and PSP Slim. While devices like the Sega Game Gear and Neo Geo Pocket have come and gone, their full-sized home counterparts have also come and gone.

For all intents and purposes, the Microsoft Xbox 360 is still doing very well in the marketplace. People are still more than happy to enjoy games like Halo 3 and Rock Band on the Xbox 360, so it's clear that Microsoft has a formidable game-playing following. Why is it, then, that Microsoft has yet to grace us with any sort of portable gaming ambitions? Where is the Xbox Portable?

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Arsenic133721d ago

We already know there will be no potable Xbox. They said it themselves its pointless to enter that field.

PirateThom3721d ago

Yeah, with the Nintendo monopoly on the handheld market and Sony barely hanging on and mobile gaming taking off, there's really not much room for a fourth handheld platform, let alone the three we have now.

I think Microsoft have the right idea, publish on DS and reap the rewards from that.

silverchode3721d ago

in my opinion sony is doing ok in the handheld field.

PirateThom3721d ago

I think the PSP is doing well, but its software sales are killing it as a platformer for some developers.

silverchode3721d ago

true i see my friends using the psp more for media than games.

Cheeseknight283720d ago

All Sony has to do is support homebrew/custom firmware on the PSP and then it'll get more interest again.

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Stryfeno23721d ago

Don't even bother MS, Nintendo has the market locked.

gambare3721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

they said the same about sony and nintendo dominating the console market some years ago and look microsoft now

enjoi1873721d ago

"it might be a crackhead"......"who all see the leprechaun," say yeah

Killjoy30003720d ago

Microsoft has never had success with portables and the fact of the matter is this weakness won't strengthen itself any time soon. Sorry, Microsoft, but you should just let Nintendo and Sony momopolize the handheld video game market just like you do with everything else.

Yamato3720d ago

Xbox Portable Might Be Just a Dream?? C mon they do a console with overheating (360), just think about a overheating in that portable console.

Laexerias3720d ago

Hey, lets imagine ... you are playing Halo 7 on your XBOX Portable... and then, BOOM, it explodes, your hands are burned and u just hear a child cry: MOMMY! DONT DIE!! MOMMY!
And then u hear the Firefighters, the entire building is burning.
6 People had died, and you got burned hands and can never play a Videogame.

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