Shadow Warrior Classic Complete Currently Free

Carl Williams writes, "Shadow Warrior Classic Complete is an early 3D first person shooter from the late 1990’s. Initially released as shareware, you got some of the early portions for free and paid for the rest, Shadow Warrior Classic was full of visual charm and aesthetics. Built on the Build Engine, this title improved on the flagship title for that engine – Duke Nukem 3D, another 3D Realms release. No longer were you stuck in single story mazes, now you could traverse multistory buildings with rooms on top of rooms. For those that missed Shadow Warrior Classic when it was released nearly 20 years ago, you can now get it for free for a limited time."

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triverse505d ago

Shoot yeah. You can't beat the price for a great game.

triverse505d ago

You are welcome. Glad new fans are getting in on this.

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Vipre77505d ago

"The site ahead contains malware...." Yeah, no thanks.

opinionated505d ago

Every link I click on says beware of phishing scams. I think it's a problem with n4g

BlaqMagiq1504d ago

You just gotta go to GOG to pick it up

AuToFiRE505d ago (Edited 505d ago )

This is easily one of my favorite games from my childhood. I hope all the racism, naked hentai girls, horny rabbits, and toilet humor are still there.

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