All Sixteen Call of Duty Modern Warfare Maps Will be Remastered

Get hype Call of Duty fans!


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2pacalypsenow809d ago

As much as I love COD 4 I ain't paying 80 to play it, hopefully they release a standalone version.

XMarkstheSpot807d ago

if it comes in the 79.99 one, you're technically paying 20 bucks for it, the rest buys the otehr CoD, but I see what your saying if all you want is that game.

PlayableGamez-807d ago

At the end of the day, you are still force to spend an additional 60 dollars for something you don't want.

XMarkstheSpot807d ago

Or wait, you know itll come out as a stand alone guaranteed honestly.

Kingthrash360807d ago (Edited 807d ago )

Wait.....will all sixteen be free or will you have to buy a season pass?
Would be the first remaster to make you buy it's dlc....also if you've bought them the first time you'll be double paying.....but it's cod... people been brushing it's bull under the rug for years now.

XMarkstheSpot807d ago

I would hope free. IDK I didnt read the article and probably wont.

Chug807d ago (Edited 807d ago )

Lol for free? This is Activision.

Edit: @ below is right, they're free. I'm shocked.

Nitrowolf2807d ago

The issue is people don't want IW, and because it's behind a paywall they have to spend that much.

Chances are very high it'll come as a standalone, because money. However, it'll most like cost more than $20 given that Activision has never been generous on pricing (look at destiny)

Bahamut807d ago

That's what everybody's saying. Nobody wants Infinite Warfare.

Also, this "remaster" barely looks any better than the original. The game was already 60 fps, so what's different? A bump to 1080? Unless it was 20 bucks and standalone, I see no reason for even looking at this.

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Summons75807d ago

Then wait 6 months like people have been saying since it's was announced...they will eventually sell it by itself.

sergons807d ago

I just watched the multiplayer gameplay. It looks like xbox 360 game . remaster lol

objdadon807d ago

Did you play or see the old version? I actually think they did a hell of a job with the remaster, don't see how you can deny that.

darren_poolies807d ago


Haters gonna hate. The remaster looks great.

vickers500807d ago

Ill paste this comment here, might help some folks

Start an amazon prime trial for free, pre order the legacy edition (which will come out to 63 bucks with the 20 percent discount) and then cancel your prime trial.

darren_poolies807d ago

You can also buy the PC version for 37.99 at cdkeys!

807d ago
InTheZoneAC807d ago

you're paying $20 for it, not $80

PurpHerbison807d ago

I can easily wait for a standalone. Won't be suckered into buying a new crap COD.

Monster_Tard807d ago

I plan to buy it on Amazon with Prime to get 20% off and then just dump Infinite Warfare on Ebay.

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BigGamersSmallTalk807d ago

All day! Day one buy, already done. Can't wait to jump back into the most balanced and awesome FPS of all time.

TheColbertinator807d ago

Chinatown. Once I arrive there,your asses are mine with my customized AK.

Majin-vegeta807d ago

Sadly chinatown was DLC and doesnt look like they will come.

objdadon807d ago

They'll come, that will be what you will have to pay for lol.

SoulMikeY807d ago

Why would something that a lot of work went into be free?

Where do you live where that happens? I might move... lol

Redx165807d ago

Well how can you call this a proper remastered if you don't include all the original maps at launch?

So yes its a legit questions...

Vegamyster807d ago

All the original maps are confirmed to be free, it launches with 10 and the other 6 will be a free download in December.

Majin-vegeta807d ago

Yes it willblaunch with 10 maps and the other 6 will come in december

formanbradley807d ago

There were 20 maps, you lazy shits. All 20 should be done at launch, when was the last remaster where you have to buy map packs? Oh yeah, this is the very first one. Activi$ion

Majin-vegeta807d ago

Creek was the ish from DLC

darren_poolies807d ago

You don't have to buy them. They will be free, read the damned article before commenting. And nothing has been said about the other four maps so stop making assumptions.

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