The Jimquisition: How Square Enix Kept Meddling With Deus Ex

Sterling’s little birdies are tweeting secrets again, this time bringing the delectable stories behind Deus Ex: Mankind Divided‘s cash-grab elements.

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Overload832d ago

Absolutely amazing. This is a must watch video.

831d ago
Kyosuke_Sanada831d ago

I watched this earlier this week and wholeheartedly agree. Square Enix tactics reek of desperation even though they are well off.

Dark_Knightmare2831d ago

Don't care the game is still amazing and I hope we get a sequel a lot faster than five years this time

Darkwatchman831d ago

And you are part of the problem. Sure, you can still acknowledge a game's quality while pointing out corporate greed from a publisher that doesn't know how to leave art alone. Hell, Jim Sterling himself thinks it's a great game, but that doesn't stop him from talking crap about the way the publisher handled the game's release and the introduction of free to play elements in a franchise as sacred as Deus Ex

spoilerjerk831d ago

I think the most amazing thing about Mankind (minus all of the blatant last minute cash grabs and 5+ years of development) is how amazingly last-gen the game felt. It certainly has a nice polish but the actual game itself and mechanics feel like a remaster of Revolution rather than a new entry in the series.

-Foxtrot829d ago

The sequel is alright but it feels pretty short compared to the previous game and so many loose plot threads are not tied up in the end.

We have the DLC with Frank Pritchard from the first game...this should have been in the game as Frank is mentioned so you feel you would see him again but nope