Eden promise hefty AiTD PS3 changes

Developer Eden have been taking on-board the negative feedback which engulfed Alone in the Dark's release on the Xbox 360, and have announced a rash of changes that will be put into effect for the game's PlayStation 3 debut.

For starters, the PS3 will be getting "full 360 degree camera control", while the camera will be enhanced for the first-person view, too. Likewise, the controls will be quicker and smoother; addressing another problem linked to the third-person camera.

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THC CELL3725d ago

It was Nice for eden to give xbox a beta of the game
Thanks for the Feedback Guys

See ps3 fans some of the xbots can come in use sometime
they make ps3 games Better

what other beta did they have
ahh yes Bioshock that game was good anyways its just better on ps3

macalatus3725d ago

a timed-exclusive beta!!

Raoh3725d ago

Thank you Phil Harrison...

and thank you microsoft for testing the beta

Jamegohanssj53725d ago

Rofl, that's a funny statement, but you may be telling the truth.


addic3725d ago

lol, bubbles for you, Raoh!

yanikins1113725d ago

are you refering to them still beta testing the console or the game? This is why i like sony. They actually TELL you when you are testing something because it has the word BETA after it.

And yes that does belong in the open zone but come on. this is a pretty crumby move from the dev. guess its what we get for whinging about delays hey guys?

gambare3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

lol bubbles for u

I hope they do changes in the graphical environment

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THC CELL3725d ago

lol i just got my bubble back i best be careful all pps accounts attacked me yesterday lol

Bioshock is good on all consoles
** trying to be sweet**

Am i f**K its better on ps3 nuff said

Jamegohanssj53725d ago

Lol, you sound a lot like me.


Jellzy3725d ago

Give the man his bubbles!!

Xlll3725d ago

LOL oh that has to burn. They used the 360 as a beta test. They didnt even care that the game wasn't finished. Then again nothing M$ or any 360 exclusive is truly finished. It's just rushed cash grabs before people notice its all crap.

Vicophine3725d ago

The Phil pulled through one last time :)

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The story is too old to be commented.