ThreeSpeech: Hydrophobia - one to watch out for

ThreeSpeech writes: "Keith Stuart has been looking at Hydrophobia - Blade Interactive's watery adventure game. Part one of this feature fills you in on what the game is all about and why it's looking so promising. Parts two and three will be an interview with Pete Jones, one of Blade Interactive's MDs, and Rob Hewson, the game's designer…

One of the cult stars of this year's largely disappointing E3 was a futuristic adventure, created by a UK developer best know for, well, snooker sims. Hydrophobia is the latest project from Blade Interactive, previously responsible for the solid, if not exactly epoch-shattering likes of World Snooker Championship 2007. But anyone who saw the company's brief yet scintillating E3 tech demo will know this game is about as far from Steve Davis as human comprehension can deal with. "We often say that Hydrophobia is Die Hard meets, Titanic, meets the Abyss, meets Deep Blue Sea, meets Under Siege," says joint MD, Pete Jones. Which is a lengthy description, but by the looks of things, extremely accurate."

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