Free 1600 Microsoft point card with Xbox360 purchase.

It's time to page through the weekly retail adds to uncover a few special Xbox 360 deals. And just in case you forgot, all Xbox 360 consoles have seen a price cut where Arcades are $199, 60GB Pros are $299 and 120GB Elites are $399. If you're going to take advantage of the new price cut, we advise heading over to Circuit City where they'll toss in a free 1600 Microsoft point card with any console purchase.

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Covenant3722d ago

Get a Pro or Elite...

...and use those 1600 points to get Braid and Assault Heroes.

Good start.

Firstkn1ghT3722d ago

I personally suggest Geometry Wars 2 and Galaga Legions. 2 SWEET exclusive games.

cemelc3722d ago

If this doesnt work well xbox is kind of screwed

Sitdown3722d ago

think this sale is all about trying to sell a console..or in this instance, an xbox. Stores do this all the time to draw you to their store, and to get you to associate their store with always offering you the better deal and the better price. Look at all the pre-order incentives that stores give you for games to try and lure you to their store. Frequently you will find that Best buy will sell you the 1600 point card for $5 just for purchasing a game at their store. The new price cuts have not been in effect long enough to say that extra measures are need by a store in order to push console sales.

Fox013721d ago

you should be happy you'll be able to get a 360 for cheap if you don't have one yet. Instead of complaining. I just don't get fanboys; you guys are so irrational.

cemelc3720d ago

I alredy have the console its just in the workshop for RRoDing. check my tag on my profile

Stryfeno23722d ago

Castle Crashers would be a nice buy for new 360 owners with that FREE 1600 points.

Dyingduck3722d ago

If it doesn't work, HAHA - you Xbots are FU*KED

ukilnme3722d ago

Yep, FU*KED indeed with a nice line up of games. If you have a PS3, maybe you should go play it instead trolling 360 news. I wish the Dyingduck would just die already, would be one less droid to worry about.

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