WorthPlaying Review - 'PopCap Hits Vol. 2'

WorthPlaying writes: "The first volume of PopCap Hits! proved to be a good package of casual games for PlayStation 2 owners who would rather play games on a TV instead of on a PC monitor. The included games, AstroPop and Bejeweled 2, were great examples of how the young company can make a game that would appeal to both the casual and hard-core gaming crowd. If there was one complaint that could be levied against the package, however, it was that the titles were too similar to each other. For a company that makes a wide variety of games, packing in two puzzle titles in their initial PS2 offering would give the impression that all they ever produced were puzzle games. With the first volume as a success, PopCap Hits! Vol. 2 was inevitable.

In this compilation, however, PopCap eclipsed the efforts of the first volume and provided what could be argued as the best version yet. Like the first volume, Vol. 2 contains two of PopCap's most popular games. Unlike the first volume, however, there is some variety to the games presented here. Vol. 2 contains a puzzle game, Zuma, and an action game, Heavy Weapon."

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