Fable 2: The Most Epic Piece of Bird Shit You Will Ever See In Video Games (Village Gameplay)

GameXtract writes "I'm sure most of you had a chance to watch the Olympics this year. If you got a chance to watch the track, and field a lot of the times the camera man would slow down the tape, and you would see every movement, every face gesture, and every piece of iky sweat. The new Fable 2 video we found is no different except this time they have chosen to do it with a piece of bird shit. This low motion of poop has got epic written all over it. On the other hand the video shows off a seven minute run through of the village. It looks to be the opening portion of the game, but their is no firm indication saying so. Either way the bird poop is enough persuasion alone to watch it. Catch it at 1:30 into the video. Video after the jump."

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Stryfeno23723d ago

Can't wait............EPIC!!!!!!!!!! !!!

AngryXbot3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

Man the loading times on this last gen RPG, is longer than Mass effect roflmao.

Just looking at that piece of shiat, it reminds me just how last gen this game is. Nothing in this game is special or hasnt been done already. But thats cool yall. Sometimes you dont have to reinvent the wheel.

But this shiat.
- 10 hour RPG ----> epic failure.
- Baby blue dragon has better visuals and graphics than this shiat.
- Massive pop ups and glitches
- shiatty voices and 18th century Europe style = fail RPG
- last gen characters. Lets be real here. No animation, no facial expressions, last gen facial expressions. The characters look like WoW, its that shiatty. Except WoW is a massive MMO with hundreds of thousands of people playing on a server and Fable is a single player adventure! OWNED.
- 30 second loading times
- frame rate issues

Looks like flop nr 301 for the 360.

And oh yea, just so we are clear here, xbots: the bird flying at the beginning looked cool. Too bad it was 100% CGI (thats COMPUTER GENERATED IMAGE for you stupid xbots). And then it switched over to real gameplay (you cant miss it, it had 10 second loading time between it hahaha OWNED) and the truth was revealed: Flopple sucks hard on every aspect: last gen characters, last gen animations, last gen facial expressions, frame rate issues, massive crowd pop ups, glitches, characters that walk right through you, objects that pop out of nowhere...lmao massive failure.

harv0523723d ago


This game looks good, but let's not get ridiculous here.

AngryTypingGuy3723d ago

At AngryXbox - 10 second loading on Earth will we survive? What a pathetic douche.

KBDuB3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

Okay. So Fable 2 is a flop. Alright. /Sarcasm.

But, it did succeed in one way.. It caught your attention.

Now.. I wonder how that happened? Why that happened? Could it be because your.. eh, jealous? I think so.

Have a good day.. Idiot.

Montrealien3723d ago

Angryxbot proves once again that he has no clue what he is talking about, what a noob.

Pain3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

its a Mally game its bound to suck just like the last.

Go beat your Fable wife. and shut up....but ..but...its on Xbox 2 its AAA !!!! isnt that a battery?

w/e u xbots r worse then the religious moron's running the world with Stupidity .

Dyingduck3722d ago

He's right, this game looks old and dull like Gears1.5

Now there are two reasons why things catch people's attention:

1. That thing is REALLY GRAND

2. That thing is a TOTAL SH!T (hint: the answer lies in the article's words)

Enjoy Gears of Turd1.5 and ROFL FABLE2 (for 10 hours HAHA)

dukadork3722d ago

EPIC!!! and only on xbox360!

WIIIS13722d ago

Now this is a real epic GAME. Not a movie. Movie lovers can buy a PS3 and enjoy installation and load times required for the movies to play.

Shane Kim3722d ago

It looked like a really good game, but after seeing the WoWish graphics this game just went down the drain. What a shame, another flop to the xbox floplist.

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Fox013723d ago

I can't wait to get my hands on this game.

thenickel3723d ago

This joker looks sick and just full of life and stories. Also I don't think there going to be a game of the years because there are just to many great titles coming.

ThanatosDMC3723d ago

I hope it's as open world as Oblivion because the first one was a lie.

Panthers3723d ago

The first one was so dissapointing. I hope this game is great

TheSadTruth3723d ago

I wish this game had graphics as good as Square's.

thenickel3723d ago

The graphics and art style fine, the 1st one was a let down but still great at the same time, and I too hope this one is great and have a feeling it will be. Fable 2 isn't a joke folks and will probably sell well and when many awards. This is one if the games you buy a 360 for along with many others.

rroded3723d ago

i dunno bout the first one i mena sure it was way overhyped n the dude lied thru his teeth but it was still a great game. Short ya but really fun and the graphics were excellent.
Hopefully this one delivers just as solid an experience tho Ill have to wait for the pc version again since i dont have live and want to try the co-op mode.

radio0o3723d ago

i like the art direction but the gameplay looks painfully boring.

JsonHenry3723d ago

Looks like a fun game. But I am going to wait till I can play it the way it was meant to be played - on a PC.

dantesparda3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

The game looks graphically weak, and the use of FMV is a bad
choice. Not a game i care for, and I dont know what people see in this game, i guess fanboys will play/hype anything up.

Nineball21123722d ago

And I only own a PS3. My stepson has a 360, so maybe he'll get the game and I can play it when he's finished.

I'd love to have this game on the PS3. Congrats to all the 360 owners who will be getting this... it really looks solid.

cherrypie3722d ago

I agree with most of the rest of the posters here; The game looks fantastic (both the art style, animations and graphics are amazing), the voice acting and audio is great, the music is really great, the story looks interesting, the genre-expaning RPG elements are fantastic and more.

I agree, this looks like a Zelda-killer, and surely is going to be RPG of 2008.

Glad to see that N4G agrees with the rest of the gamer's forums on the internet; Fable 2 is going to be the best RPG in Years.

3722d ago
butterfinger3722d ago

I can't see how Fable is that much like Zelda to be called a Zelda-Killer. It's definitely not as popular.

Nevers3722d ago

your tag-along buddy can ruin your game-world when you invite them in... course you can get a little Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap if ya get sick o' your wifey but you ain't got the guts.

The game is gonna be cool. I can't wait.

But I really hope that you can customize your character pretty well in facial features cuz that dude looked a little wierd... specially in the eyes.

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JsonHenry3723d ago

The title is a little mis-leading!

soul899er3723d ago

haha i thought they were talking about the game >_< anyways.... O_O

Omega43723d ago

It wouldnt surprise me if this game gets a few GOTY awards since its just bursting with innovation

Just one month left...

3723d ago
Omega43723d ago

Yeah that is revolutionary tell me of another RPG where you can play co-op from start to finish

power of Competence3723d ago

Too Human?


JsonHenry3723d ago

If it is anything like the original than it will be a fun (but short) game!

We all have our own opinions though.

bouncybullet3722d ago

It's has to beat Fallout for RPG first.
Slow down.

@ the guy who has infamous as his avatar, (Force Unleashed meets GTA)

Not only is that the most impressive AI dog ever.
It replaces the "mini-map".

You know that little radar that adds so much realism to games..?!!
Yeah. Gone.
And guess what.. Every dev wishes they thought of it before.

Thats innovation.

Theres also dozens of other great features in this game that you know nothing about.

Oh and Fable 1 was rated 9 everywhere.
So what the F*ck are you talking about?

nairdAdrian3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

Metascore.. yeah thats just an average.

the majority 8.5's and 9's. 9.3 at IGN.

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