Revisited: Hitman HD Trilogy

Retro Remastered's Mike takes a look back at the Hitman HD Trilogy, and discovers that he was wrong about the Hitman franchise.

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Master of Unlocking833d ago

"Hitman 2 and Contracts are very average games that I struggled through the highs and lows"

Erm, author? just because you struggled through them doesn't mean Hitman 2 or Contracts are very average games, y'know? I know there are problems of inconsistent AI, true, but that isn't enough to make them very average games by any stretch of the imagination. They're still very good games actually. Hitman 2 for example, which is obviously the game that has aged the most, still looks OK to me for a start, and has a number of levels in a number of different countries that have never been seen ever since.

I'm glad IO released this compilation, it feels great to be able to go back to those games for me since I don't have a PS2 anymore, and the original games didn't have widescreen support anyway, or 5.1 DD surround sound (on the PS2 at least), nor did they offer the possibility to save anytime anywhere any number of times you wanted. Oh, and the original PS2 games where I live didn't even offer the english VO, so I had to import them from England (back then people in that country spoke english).
The only real downer of this compilation is that for some reason the controls were changed to using R2 button to fire instead of R1 button in the original games. Why the hell did they do that, go figure.