Great comparison: Windows Vista versus Mac OS X Leopard

Apple and Microsoft put great afford in enhancing the optical qualities of their operating systems. doesn't tell you who wins the fight, but they present a great direct screenshots-comparison. The competitors are Windows Vista and Mac OS X Leopard. Now see for yourself!

The main downside of Macs: Their bad game compatibility. Hey, but you can install Windows on a Mac (Intel).

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Fishy Fingers3752d ago

A bunch of screens showing how the different OSs render certain applications? Not really a comparison, more of an OS Beauty Pageant.

JsonHenry3752d ago

The fact it is even in question which one is better surprises me. Given the fact that OS X is developed within a closed hardware environment it should be blatantly better.

But it isn't. Which shows why, even with it's flaws, more effort and thought was put into action when creating a windows OS.

TheWiseguy3752d ago

Cant live without Spaces, Expose, Keyboard Shortcut, Time Machine, dashboard and my pretty looking dock.

Pain3752d ago

Max OSX >>>>Rapes wannabe.

habsfan93752d ago

Microsoft ripped off Apple for a lot of their ideas, especially the dashboard and spotlight ripoffs. Oh well, I guess Microsoft will never make something innovative...

mhr5123752d ago

Watch Pirates of Silicon Valley.... Bill Gates has never had an original idea in his whole life.

habsfan93752d ago

Yeah I saw that movie. I found it quite accurate...

rawd3752d ago

OS X no contest. Sorry Billy

CryofSilence3752d ago

OS X, no contest. I'm not sorry Billy since your original Windows OS was a rip-off of a Mac OS anyway.

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The story is too old to be commented.