Moore, Satchell savage 'talentless' Sony at CES

Peter Moore - VP of Microsoft's interactive entertainment business, entertainment and devices division and Chris Satchell - general manager of Microsoft's game development group - launched an unprecedented attack on Sony's PlayStation 3 business at CES in Las Vegas yesterday.

Speaking exclusively to, the two senior executives branded the Japanese firm's online service for the newly-launched console a "disaster" and said the company lacks the talent or the "DNA" to ever deliver a suitable online console service for consumers.

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Marty83704327d ago (Edited 4327d ago )

Moore/Satchell are prats.

TheMART4327d ago

Uhm PS3 fanboy it's just because you're a diehard, but this sounds pretty legit stuff to me:

"They're struggling with some of their hardware issues, and apparently they're going to deliver another five million in the next 90 days. But this business is about hardware, software and services now. And the consumer expects that."

Which is all just a reality description of the todays situation Sony is in.

peksi4327d ago

Moore is an idiot and loudmouth.

When you don't have anything good to say about your own piece of HW, try and make up something bad to say about competitors - to make yours look better. Such low life tactics.

Aflac4327d ago

all companies do that to competitors, cry about it. at least Moore actually backs himself rather than just being random like Hirai and Kutaragi, who just say "our console is just simply better" and dont even explain why.

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The story is too old to be commented.