Warhammer Online: Get Your Free Beta Keys

GameXtract writes "It's official, I'm finally getting my knees deep in an MMO for once. Usually I let Major handle these dirty tasks so that I myself don't get sucked in, but when I heard of free beta keys at 5:00 AM in the morning I couldn't resist but to grab one myself. Multiplay is currently handing out 50,000 free beta keys. All you have to do is visit the page below sign up an account, and then head back to the link I posted. Fill out your birthday along with you language, and request a key. If you are rejected for a key, don't start weeping just yet. Go back, and complete the same process in another language. It will usually spit out a key after your second or third try! At least it their are enough keys by then. We ourselves have one extra key we will be giving out if all else fails for your success of becoming a destined WAR player. All you got to do is register an account, and post a comment below with your account name. Those who commented with the correct information will be put into a raffle, and produce a winner. Before you retreat to luck we do suggest you try your chance out at Multiplay with the link below!"

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GODofDOOMS3748d ago

it over no more beta keys left

Cheeseknight283748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

This news was put up 2 days ago, they were out then too. :(

Topshelfcheese3748d ago

Been in the closed Beta since it started. My impressions of WAR are that its looks and plays a lot like WoW, but has some really nice additions. I really love the public quests, tome of knowledge, and the RvR zones. Another cool, thing that happens is you can get attacked by NPC in quest giver zones that you would assume is safe. War is really all around you.

They definitely need to improve in some areas, but what MMO doesn't. If you looking for something fresh with a little familiarity, I would give it a try.

Ice2ms3748d ago

I have the beta a while now also I got the disc in gamestop its pretty good

steve30x3748d ago

Cant give it a try. Twice its been posted on here about getting a free key but both times (friday and today) I have been told all keys are gone. What kind of public beta is it if theres no keys available?

Jinxstar3748d ago

Server stress testing is all it is.

mariusmal3748d ago

the kind of beta that have thousands of free keys. it's not their fault you got there late. i've been left out of many betas myself. i know it sucks but dont blame them.

SynGamer3748d ago

I signed up thinking this was for the North American beta :( Any chance the servers connect to each other?

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The story is too old to be commented.