Square-Go: Viva Pinata Trouble in Paradise Review

Square-Go Writes:

"The game itself isn't perfect either, having given you a garden and a set of tools, you're more or less left to your own devices, and if you go to town planting flowers and seeds randomly you'll find yourself in a garden flooded with wildlife and little idea of what you should be doing next. It is however quite addictive, controlling the lives of these paper-animonsters becomes captivating. Even when you're deciding to feed an old friend to a fancy new Piñata, or when you're breeding family members together in a beautiful cartoon battery, you'll know deep down inside, that it's only because you love them..."

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thereapersson3727d ago

About what I expected from this

militant073727d ago

well stupid web site rating it,get 8.5~9 from most famous popular web site
i belive in them and getting this game
today or tomorow

Dyingduck3726d ago

This game appealed to 5 years old ROFL and got sucking rating

NICE ONE M$ - way to represent hardcore gamers!

Stryfeno23727d ago (Edited 3727d ago )

Who or What the hell is

Oh wait!!! The article was written by Graeme Strachan Senior Member of SDF (Sony's Defense Force). Okay, that explains everything.

Finn3703d ago

I'm afraid that must be a different Graeme Strachan. That's assuming you didn't just make that up, which is equally possible seeing as I can't find any mention of the name used anywhere online that's in any way linked to that bunch of fanboy hacks.

I am Graeme Strachan. I wrote that review, and I liked that game. 7/10 is a good review, We rate 5 as average at Square go, less is bad, more is good. So 7 out of ten is worth buying.
So don't fret about it. You'll also see that I gave Haze 4/10 so, that may go some way to clearing this up.

Bill Gates3727d ago


wicked3726d ago

since when did 7/10 become a flop

Xlll3726d ago

awwwww another "AAA" for the 360 mimics a fish out of water.

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The story is too old to be commented.