PSP and 360 Chatpad are a match hacked in heaven

Engadget writes: "Some dedicated hackers have finally managed to get the PSP and Microsoft's Xbox 360 Chatpad typing. There are still a few kinks to smooth out, but the hard part seems over, with l0rdnic0 managing a tiny bit of soldiering using a PSP remote cable and some software from the Open Keyboard Project. It's all still pretty nerdy at the moment, and we're still miffed at that Logic 3 getting cancelled way back when, but we suppose this will have to do."

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Capt CHAOS3747d ago

Still, well done to the geeks of this nation for bringing us new possibilities..

BlackCountryBob3747d ago

You have to wonder if when people get to the end of these projects they ask they they bothered due to the complete pointlessness of the result.

Impressive but useless.

ExcelKnight3747d ago

I'm not exactly impressed. There have been many a keyboard adapter homebrew for the PSP. This is just the newest one down the pipe.

ReBurn3747d ago

I think it's a decent enough hack. I wouldn't want to use a full-sized keyboard with the PSP, anyway.