No Super Mario Until At Least 2010

MyWii writes: According to the new japanese leaflet (As well others mentioned in the other news article) Shigeru Miyamoto states that his team are underway on new 1st party games ( Mario, Zelda, Pikmin etc ). We already knew that however he also states that a new Super Mario Game is likely to happen after 2010 as the "Team" needs at least 2-3 years to complete the work needed. He suggests a release date of 2012 for a new mario game which makes sense as there is a 6 year gap between Super Mario 64 & Sunshine and a 5 year gap between Sunshine & Galaxy.

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byeGollum3754d ago

Really ? Thank God Im Not Into Games Like This -

Dark_Vendetta3754d ago

I agree with all the Mario sport games, but I disagree with the super mario games (Sunshine, galaxy etc.). Those are one of the best games and it would be impossible to bring those games (with this quality) every 2 years.

SaiyanFury3754d ago

Not into platforming style games? That's too bad, there's a great many fun games in the genre. Although I think Nintendo should not have released all of the major sequels in the system's first 1.5 years. Now all the Nintendo fans have to wait another 1.5 years at least.

Rayko3754d ago

Better sell the Wii then, because I don´t think they should release a new mario game on wii. Save it for better graphics on the new console they are making.

ChickeyCantor3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

And maybe it will later on be re-written for that console.
Who says a new console will be out by that time?

Also its a waste doing nothing at all till that time.
If this game takes this long to make(by nintendo standards, they are picky about their quality), how long do you have to wait for the next-gen mario?

Wii can do more than Decent "gfx".
500million polygons = more than las gen.
And all new shaders and what not should give you the shiny looks =P.
Mario galaxy looked great, they can only improve their engine.

Durffen3753d ago

Sidar, I'm sorry but when people say something about the Wii's visual power you should just let it go. People don't care about facts. We are on N4G, the biased graphics whore community of the internet.

Wii is more powerful then the original Xbox, thus making it stronger then last gen consoles. But no one cares, because everyone on this site is biased.

But I can't help but come back.

chanmasta3754d ago

Anyway, I think they should do a Mario & Luigi game, not side-scrolling, but a whole new 3D adventure. A story that mixes the two brothers so that 1 minute you're playing as Mario and the next Luigi! Great gameplay there!

Co-op adventure mode as well.....

ChickeyCantor3754d ago

Exactly, I'm still waiting for Luigi to be a star allong side with mario not as a extra character( and no i don't count the RPG's as Miyamoto's Platformers)

kesvalk3754d ago

Wohooo Online CO-OP mode...

just dreaming....

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The story is too old to be commented.