CNet: Motorola U9 Review

CNet writes: "Though Motorola has succeeded in making a series of reliable, practical cell phones this year, the company hasn't been working the style angle that hard. Sure, the Z9 and Rokr E8 are attractive, but even those handsets put function over form. The Motorola U9, however, wears its style on its sleeve. Sporting a glossy surface and curvy lines, the attractive U9 reminds us of the Motorola Pebl U6. Beyond the pretty face, it offers a brilliant display, decent call quality, and a functional music player. Though we had a couple of concerns about its controls, and its menu interface was a bit sluggish, the U9 remains a stylish phone with substance. Just don't get too excited about its camera. It's available unlocked in North America for $150. To find accessories for this phone, see our cell phone ringtones and accessories guide."

The Good:

+The Motorola U9 offers an attractive design
+A decent music player with stereo Bluetooth
+An appealing display

The Bad:

-The Motorola U9's controls are flat and slippery
-Its memory card is in an inconvenient location
-Its menus can be sluggish and its photo quality is poor

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