Lost mission discovered in Call of Duty 4

OXM UK: A curious PC gamer has discovered a previously unseen mission in Call of Duty 4 - an extended training sequence that was dropped from the final game. Watch the full video of the deleted scene.

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Killjoy30003726d ago

That's so sweet. I saw that house out in the outskirts of the facility and always wondered why it was there.

outlawlife3726d ago

when i was exploring the game when it first came out i wonder about the obstacle course, it looked like a cool idea

IzKyD13313726d ago

wonder why they canned those 2 tutorials, I wouldn't have minded them

DaTruth3725d ago

Because it couldn't fit in the 360 version of the game so we all had to suffer.

Firstkn1ghT3725d ago Show
uie4rhig3725d ago

stop trolling.. its only a 30kb mo, doubt 30kb more can't be fit on a DVD9

TwissT3725d ago

30kb of SAVE SPACE is different than 30kb of INTERNAL DISK SPACE DATA. If the game did have only 30kb of Internal Disk Data the game would looks horrendous, it would look worse than 8-bit games.

Downtown boogey3725d ago

I would have NEVER made it through! I would've just moved onto the MP without ever playing the SP... That would suck

uie4rhig3725d ago

yes i know that, and since the PC version is also only 6.3GB, i can't see why the PS3 or 360 version would be more (aside from the required data that needs to go on the disc from sony and MS) infact according to torrent rips, its only '6521 Mb' where some of the data MUST be from MS, which means they still have 500MB left..

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The story is too old to be commented.