Firefox now has the fastest JavaScript engine in the world

Whichever metric you chose to apply, Firefox now has the fastest JavaScript engine in the world. TraceMonkey is a trace-based JIT compiler and it pushes the envelope on JavaScript performance.

Click for benchmark charts.

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Rikitatsu3426d ago

See Chrome is faster... I mean Chrome is EXTREMELY fast that its not even comparable to Firefox ... People should give Chrome a try

verb3k3426d ago

They're talking about the development version of Firefox, not the one that was released.

vdesai3425d ago

Specifically TraceMonkey which will smoke V8 in the javascript benches.

Bonsai12143426d ago

I believe i read somewhere that squirrelfish, Safari's java compiler, is faster than FF's. not entirely sure though, because i haven't used webkit in a bit.

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