Here’s What to Expect in the PlayStation Meeting on September 7

PlayStation Meeting on September 7 is set to be quite historic and TNT attempts to tell you what to expect from Sony Interactive Entertainment at the PlayStation Theater in New York.

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Lonnie18690d ago

Well N4G you've pretty much leaked everything that is most likely to be expected...ps4 slim, mock up images of the ps4 Neo, suspected games that might be shown! It's borderline sabatoage...great job lol!

MasterCornholio690d ago

What games were leaked?

As far as I know the only leaks that we have are hardware leaks.

But maybe I'm missing something.

SkippyPaccino690d ago

Lol! So true, I don't know why people are such in a rush to ruin everyone's fun?

"live from little Timmie's Christmas tree, we are one week away from Christmas and let's see what he has under the tree... A ps4 slim, ps4 Neo, red dead 2.... Now Timmie you better act surprised in a week, in the meantime I'll put on Facebook everything you're getting, alright? Now go to bed "

Artemidorus690d ago

Something will be mentioned but I got told to watch out for Playstation Experience.

343_Guilty_Spark690d ago (Edited 690d ago )

Games and a 4.2 TF Neo. More PSVR. Ps slim

Why the disagree?

DrakeFan1690d ago (Edited 690d ago )

What is wrong with 4.2TF? It is almost 2.5X more powerful than the current PS4, will have a UHD Bluray drive and will be priced attractively at $400-$450.