CNet: Sony Vaio JS190J Review

CNet writes: "Finally, a Windows-based all-in-one computer earns our admiration. We've seen new all-in-one PCs from Hewlett-Packard and Averatec this year, and Apple also refreshed its popular iMac. None of them deliver as much in the way of features and performance as Sony's new, $1,499 Vaio JS190J. A full-size desktop processor helps make the Vaio JS190J faster than comparable standard desktops (as well as the fastest all-in-one), and its combination of a 20-inch LCD and a Blu-ray drive deliver on the promise of the all-in-one desktop as a self-contained secondary home entertainment system. Throw in a refreshing lack of bloatware (yes, from Sony), and it becomes easy for us to recommend the Vaio JS190J to anyone looking for a powerful, midrange PC for work or for playing digital media."

The good:

+Best deal on an all-in-one with a Blu-ray drive
+Best-in-class performance for its price
+Relatively free of software clutter

The bad:

-Its 20-inch screen is smaller than some of its competition
-Some redundant bundled applications
-Cheap mouse

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thereapersson3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

Wow, could be a first for a Sony-branded computer?

Also, they gave this admiration over even the iMac. We could have a winner on our hands here.

AngryXbot3725d ago

another top quality product from Sony.

Premonition3725d ago

I agree, even when compared to the 1,499 imac which for some strange reason they didnt compare it to but compared it to the 1,199 version, you still get a better deal with the all in one sony PC for that price.