T3: 3 Skypephone S2 review

T3 writes: "Think Tesco Value, Sainsbury's basics and just everything in Woolworths really, and that's pretty much the quality of the first 3 Skypephone. Now, 3 are back with the S2 and the little blighter's had the spit and shine treatment, and doesn't he scrub up well?

Decked out in the latest must have mobile attire of a metallic back and sporting some sultry metallic keys, the phone feels sturdier than its predecessor . The Fisher Price inspired plastic casing has been cast off and replaced by a much smarter dark plastic. It is still plastic though, this isn't close to the Nokia Arte or Vertu's of the gadge world."

We Love:

+New look
+Free Skype calls

We Hate:

-Crappy call quality

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