T3: Pure Review

T3 writes: "Thanks to its racing game heritage with the likes of ATV Offroad Fury, Brighton based developer Black Rock Studio was always going to crank out a corker with PURE.

And we're not disappointed."

We Love:

+Eye-watering pace
+Photorealistic vistas
+Ludicrous tricks
+Online multi-player option

We Hate:

-The sheer speed of the game can bewilder and confuse until you've played it for hours

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THC CELL3727d ago

i really dont think this game will match MS2

I played the demo
and i can still say MS1 is better

Surfman3727d ago

its not Motorstorm but its still a great game to have fun with. I am a fan of ATVs, i have one, and i was waiting for a atv-game. The last "ATV vs MX" or something like that was so bad lol.

pshizle3726d ago

this game is really freakin good

Dyingduck3726d ago

LOL, I am glad Xbots get left with the trash - at least PS3 owners get both options as I can assure you some will like PURE over M2 and vice versa - that way 100% of PS3 owners are happy while ROFL 50% of Xbots want sad for them Xbots, ye?

Montrealien3726d ago

This is a great ATV game by the same guys Sony hired to to the last 2 ATV off-road Fury games (Climax)and they where where great racers. Look at this game as a kinda spiritual successor to that great Sony franchise.

The idea is not to compare it to Motorstorm 2, which will be a great game also, the idea, as a gamer, is to be happy we have choice. Get over yourselves, and stop turning everything into Sony vs the world crap, it is stupid, old and very marginalized in the gamer community.

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KingDizzi3727d ago

If the demo is anything to go by this game is absolutely awful, doing tricks in the air with absolutely no consequences does not help to say the least. This game is being compared to Motorstoorm 2 for some reason but if the first is anything to go by, pacific rift will be miles better then Pure.

WIIIS13726d ago

Stop lying to yourself to defend your precious few exclusives. I've played both Motorstorm demo and Pure demo, and it is obvious Pure is by far the better game. What Motorstorm 2 is going to be is anyone's guess, but if it follows its predecessor, it isn't likely to be better than Pure.

nbsmatambo3726d ago

Both games have their qualities. Pure is "pure"ly ATVs (hehe), and motorstorm has a variety of vehicles. I do believe motorstorm has the greater deal of detail. But both appear to be very fun games =D

@1.1 => Wat do u mean precious few exclusives. i do think at the moment Sony has greater/more creative/better/more exclusives than MS

59fifty83726d ago

but i gotta go with motorstorm 2 part 1 was great but the thing about motorstorm it involves strategy like picking different vehicles for different races.

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