Interview with Xbox Live Corporate Vice President

As Corporate Vice President of LIVE, Software and Services for the Interactive Entertainment Business, John Schappert oversees all platform technologies and businesses, including console software, Xbox LIVE and Games for Windows, which includes LIVE, XNA, and Microsoft's efforts with simple, approachable pick-up-and-play games.

David Farrier caught up with Schappert at the E3 Business and Media Summit in Los Angeles.

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badkolo3752d ago

im really stoked about the new experience, i really like the look, and the more i see the more im not bothered by the avatars at all.

It seems they really went out of their way to make them non intrucive.
They are there yet its not standing out, your not forced to use it form what i have seen and the new look and features over shadow it so i like that.

Im sure home will have its greatness but i like the fact that instead of a second life experience I can have my wii like character just blend in with my dash, it makes everything so much faster, instead of walking around and meeting people or having to go from friends room to room or go with friends from one hall to another in home to visit events or games, with the new live experience you do all that right in the dash and see all your 8 friends and bounce around together from place to place, quickly and effeintly.

I truly like that.