The award for the worst controller design goes to ... the USB Dragon Dual Shock

Introducing the most wretched controller ever created, the USB Dragon Dual Shock Scary GamePad. This controller has it all for the dragon enthusiast in your family. It's has a brilliant paint job, eyes that illuminate during play, and a very pronounced dragon head sticking out of the top. In addition to how sharp the head looks, it can also double as a holding device. If you're too busy to eat potato chips while mashing on Fusion Frenzy 2, the dragon's mouth can hold some until you win the match.

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sonarus3749d ago

Why is it called a dual shock when it is obviously designed after xbox controller

Polluted3748d ago

Because you touch yourself at night. That's why. ;)

name3748d ago

Can't argue with that logic.

Droid3748d ago

Indeed, the Duel Shock is the most poorly designed piece of sh1t to ever grace the videogame market. Nay, that would be the BOOMERANG Sony DITCHED right before the FlopStation 3's launch.

poor droids.

Frizzo3747d ago

atleast they ditched it before launch and didnt actually sell the thing

microsoft actually tried to sell that, i remember buying one because its up in my room, right now it was suposed to be a collectors item, and its the most uncomfortable thing ive ever held in my life

but like duck said, only on the 360 man

SL1M DADDY3748d ago

Hardcore of what I have yet to discover but one would have to be hardcore to even touch that thing.

SullyDrake3748d ago

That controller is pimped out more than Chamillionaire's teeth. Damn.

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