Game Console Architecture In-Depth

Over the course of the past ten years at Ars is proud to have run a ton of technical articles that people keep coming back to for reference and geek edification. Among their most popular articles have been those dedicated to the inner workings of popular game consoles, especially those from Sony and Microsoft. In this inaugural installment of Classic.Ars, a new series aimed at introducing Ars classics to newer readers, they take you deep inside the PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

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UltimateIdiot9113751d ago

It's an interesting article. I think it's smart of Sony to make new and better architecture. It's definitely a challenge in the beginning but it will keep developers on their toe and a goal. Why work hard if the bars are low?

C_SoL3751d ago

u gotta realize everything cost money & "supposedly" it costs more to develop on the PS3.....

Time_Is_On_My_Side3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

It might cost more, but in the end you can make better games. You can go on the Wii with the cheapest console with almost no ambition or go with the pricey products. When looking at price you have to ask yourself will it do what we want or should we look else where? It's like saying HD (High Definition) TVs cost more than SD (Standard Definiion) TVs, but is it worth it?

UltimateIdiot9113751d ago

Let's step back for a minute, when you look at broadband speed around the world, US ranks pretty low. When you look at Korea, Japan, China and other asian countries, they get speed like 60 Mbps compare to our average 1.5 or 2 Mbps. It's been like this for years, and US continues to trail behind because it's a capitalistic market.

People and companies have to pay for improvement, so they rather stick with the old. In Japan, and other asian countries, the government actually use tax money to improve their network. So, as they continue to improve, US continues to stand still.

To sum it all up, progress comes with a price and it's worth it in the long run.

Bangladesh3751d ago

I haven't seen the Cell do anything "better" in the game space. If anything it has proven to be a bad decision when compared to the dev cycles, and performance of multi-plat games. I own a ps3, and I haven't seen it do anything that the 360 can't do, or hasn't already done. Anyone that says otherwise is FOS.

Where are these 2005 KZ2 video quality games that Sony promised us? Where are these dual 1080p games running at 120fps? And most importantly, were are the f*cking RPG's Sony?

karlostomy3751d ago

That's a nice theory, however, it is fundamentally flawed.
The reason? ... Geography

Japan and S.korea have relatively less land area to supply infrastructure to their relative populations.

eg. in america and australia, to cover every city with dedicated infrastructure costs the governement much more money, than in, say, Japan. In other words, the australian and american governments have to lay much more cable to get the same network coverage.

Hence the capitalist (market) model is the most efficient at providing infrastructure to the masses.

If the Market demands the investment, then the market will eventually supply it.

UltimateIdiot9113751d ago

While that is true, but it still doesn't change the fact that the US doesn't give government incentive to make these changes. Japan and Korea does. The worst part is we have one of the highest rate for internet.

The Cell isn't all about graphic. It's about number crunching, so that means superior AI, physics, rapid streaming of data, etc. I have no problem with waiting as long as it means quality game. The next game to probably show the graphic ability of the PS3 is Heavy Rain. If that isn't good graphic then I don't know what is.

C_SoL3751d ago

Bangladesh <<< what an idiot....

Man_of_the_year3750d ago

I have to agree with Carl and UltimateIdiot911. Both are very valid points. However i for 1 wouldn't rather have to wait an additional 2-3 years for a good game...if i had to wait that long for a good game then where is the incentive of purchasing a $600 console early in its life cycle? Why not just wait till the price comes down? Companies invest a lot of money into their console and its important for sales of that console early in its life cycle to gain some their investments back before they can start lowering the price. Having good games in a reasonable time frame is important to the companies console as well as the customer. There needs to be a balance.

I own both and as of right now there is nothing on the PS3 that justifies it having a complex architecture to program for and this only frustrates the developers/the company and the gamers. I bought my 360 for gaming and my PS3 for Blu-Ray...

shazam3750d ago

why the hell is Bangladesh still in the gamerzone. its clear that he hates everything not pro microsoft.

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Raoh3751d ago

Very interesting article indeed. i agree that its smart for sony to make new and better architecture..

but they need to make it more accessible and be willing to extend themselves to developers on the first go round of their new consoles...

zo6_lover273751d ago

I wonder if anyone will notice this

"The only current-generation console that the author owns is a (rarely played) Wii, though there is a 160GB PS3 in his future. Stay tuned for more Ars classics every weekend."

Another neglected Wii, mine shares a similar fate. And good for him going for the ps3

ShinMaster3751d ago

PS3's 256MBx2 XDR RAM(512MB total) > 360's shared 512MB RAM.

zo6_lover273751d ago

Yes, but some people just don't wanna believe.

Your comment is the same stuff I've been preaching for a long time, hope you have better luck than me.

Good luck!! :D

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3751d ago

Thank you.Some people just don't want to face the facts.But that happens all the time throughout history.But just wait for the differences to become large enough for the xbots to shut up and go home crying to momma

Dzpool3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

I still think it would be a good idea for both companys to have seperate ram for the gpu to use in the next gen consoles this would make things run much better 2 gigs for cpu and 1 gig for the gpu to use

nieto3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

wrong. the ps3 doesn't have 256MBx2 of XDR Ram, it only has 256MB and the other 256MB are GDDR3. Half of that memory it's dedicated for the OS exclusively and the other half for video processing(for the games).

that's why devs are having memory issues with the ps3. it is true that the Ram it's faster but that doesn't change that it is less than the x360 can use for games.

this it's a fact, so everyone that disagree is just a fanboy in denial.

BTW how is that all this stupid people have so many bubbles? this just proves that the bubbles system of N4G it's broken.

Dyingduck3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

Both claimed THE PS3 is powerful than the Crapbox360 in RAM and in're in "denial" (way to go, your own evidence backfires right in your face)

On the other note:
"The only current-generation console that the author owns is a (rarely played) Wii, though there is a 160GB PS3 in his future." lose there, too.

Gam713751d ago

Actually you lose.

I would rather have a gaming designed CPU with shared ram and a decent GPU than a multi-media CPU split ram and a last minute chucked in old GPU.

But as you are in denial yourself and only want to flame due to your realisation that all the "hype" you was spoon fed was indeed just that, Hype, has lead to your insecurities manifesting in your fangirlism coupled with buyers remorse means you spend more time here justifying your purchase than actually using it.

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DJ3751d ago

Once you learn Cell, that knowledge (and code) will apply to all future Cell CPUs, which was a tough but great decision by STI. Also, hopefully Microsoft sticks with PowerPC for their next console, as it would allow developers to tackle the hardware a lot faster, or at least at the same rate as PS4 developers.

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